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Install or upgrade AD/LDAP Connector

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To enable communication between your AD/LDAP and inSync, you must establish a secured connection between your AD/LDAP  and inSync Master using the AD/LDAP Connector. inSync uses the AD/LDAP Connector only while authenticating and activating inSync Clients. Backups and restores from the end-user devices on which inSync Client is activated will work as usual even if the computer where you installed the AD/LDAP Connector is not available. This means that you do not need to ensure high availability (HA) for the AD/LDAP Connector.

To learn more, see About AD/LDAP Connector.

Install AD/LDAP Connector

Hardware Prerequisites 

The following table lists the hardware prerequisites to install AD/LDAP Connector. The AD/LDAP Connector footprint is very low, which means that almost any hardware can support the AD/LDAP Connector.

Hardware Minimum Requirements
CPU 1 GHz or faster
Disk Space 16 GB

Software Prerequisites 

The following table lists the software prerequisites to install AD/LDAP Connector.

Software Minimum Requirements
Operating system


  • Windows Server 2019 R2 (64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2016 R2 (64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2012 (64-bit)

Note: If you have installed the previous version of the AD/LDAP Connector on a 32-bit Windows computer, you cannot upgrade your AD/LDAP Connector. You must install and configure the latest AD/LDAP Connector. 

Download Link 

Download the latest AD/LDAP Connector.

Note: You can use AD/LDAP Connector to add and manage new users. You cannot use AD/LDAP Connector to manage existing users on inSync Cloud. Existing users will continue to use their inSync Cloud credentials and you have to manage these users manually. 

Install AD/LDAP Connector 

To install AD/LDAP Connector,

  1. Double-click the installer. The installation wizard appears.
  2. Enter the appropriate information on the wizard and complete the installation procedure.

Upgrade AD/LDAP Connector 

To upgrade the inSync Connector

  1. Download the latest version of inSync Connector here
  2. Double-click the installer. The installation wizard appears.
  3. Enter the appropriate information on the wizard and complete the upgrade procedure.
  4. Now login to the Druva console and navigate to settings.PNG  -> Endpoints and SaaS Apps Settings -> Connector.
  5. Select the respective AD connector, click the three-dot menu, and click the Get Registration Key button. A confirmation message appears.
  6. Select Get Registration Key to confirm.  A new window with the registration key appears.
  7. Copy the registration key.
  8. On the AD connector setup wizard, paste the registration key, and then click Register.

Upon successful registration, the Connection Status appears as Connected. You can verify the connection status of the installed and configured AD/LDAP Connector on Settings > Connectors.