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Backup Public folder data

The availability of this feature may be limited based on the license type, region, and other criteria. To access this feature, contact your Account Manager or Support.


As an inSync Cloud administrator, you can schedule either automatic backups or perform an on-demand backup, which is manual.

Backup of Public folder involves backup of Public folder  metadata and configuration, mails, calendars, contacts, and so on.  For more information about the Public folder data backed up by inSync, see Data backed up by inSync for Public folder.

Before you begin

Before you initiate a backup operation for Microsoft 365 app data, ensure that:

Schedule automatic discovery of Public folders and configure backup

You can schedule an automatic discovery and backup of Public folder while configuring Public folder. For more information, see Configure inSync to protect Public folder.

On-demand or manual backup of Public folders data

As an inSync Cloud administrator, you can start an unscheduled backup of the following as and when necessary:

Perform the following steps to initiate a manual backup for specific Public folder using the Summary or Activity Stream tab.

  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar,  click the Left_Navigation_Bar_Hamburger_Icon.png icon to access the global navigation panel.
  2. Click SaaS Apps.
  3. Click Microsoft 365.
  4. On the left-hand panel, click Public folder A page that lists all the discovered Public folder appears.
  5. Click the Public folder name you want to backup. If the Public folder is not configured, you need to configure the Public folder first and then trigger the backup activity.
  6. On the Summary or Activity tab, click Backup Now to trigger the backup. After the backup activity is completed, the Backup Status on the Public folder page will change to Backed Up Successfully.
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