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Yes, you have to reconfigure the Microsoft 365 app to protect Groups. You can view Groups even without reconfiguration but some backups or restores might fail if you have not reconfigured Microsoft 365 app.

The following group types are supported:

  • Microsoft 365 groups

  • Distribution list

  • Security groups

  • Mail-enabled security groups

Yes, you can back up private groups. For more information about backup, see Back up Groups data.

Yes, when you back up groups, the associated SharePoint sites (if configured) are also backed up. For more information, see Introduction.

No, mailbox and planner are not supported right now.

Yes, you can restore a group, which is deleted on the Microsoft 365 portal, as a new group only.

For information about permissions required to access and protect Groups data, see Microsoft 365 Permissions for Druva App.

No, restoring a group site associated with a Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo tenant restores the data to the same geo-location.

New Groups are discovered once in a 24 hours period - based on the scheduled backup interval. Groups can also be discovered manually at any time.

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