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Know your Groups dashboard

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The Groups dashboard lists all the discovered Groups. This topic explains the dashboard in detail and the actions you can perform on it.

Access path

To access the Groups dashboard, sign in to inSync Management Console and navigate to Microsoft 365 > Groups.

The Groups dashboard has three tabs, All Groups, Configured Groups, Settings.

All Groups

The All Groups tab lists the group name, type of Group (Security, Microsoft 365, Distribution, Mail-enabled Security), number of plans associated with the group, last completed backup status along with date and time, size of the backed up data, app status, last backup status (Backed Up Successfully, Backup Failed, Backed Up With Error, Never Backed Up), status details (shows the error code indicating the reason for data backup failure), and the number of plans associated with the Group. 

A Group can have one of the following status:

  • Enabled: Storage is assigned to the Group and backup is enabled for the selected Group.
  • Disabled: If the backup is disabled for the selected Group.
  • Not Configured: The selected Group is not configured for backup. 

On this tab, you can perform the following actions:

Configured Groups

You can perform the following actions on the Configured Groups tab.


On the Settings tab, you can:

The dashboard lists all the configured and non-configured Groups. 

  • When you click any non-configured Group, the Configure for Backup window is displayed. 
  • When you click any configured Group, the Summary page is displayed. 


►The Summary page gives you an overview of the selected Group’s backup details.



Group Details

View the selected Group details such as it’s name, type, no. of current plans, status, Group site, Group Team, storage region assigned to it, date and time when the Group was added, it’s description, and email ID.

Data Distribution

Analyze the backed up data distribution between Group Site, Private channel sites, Team conversations, Group metadata, and Planner metadata.

Storage consumption

Analyze the backup storage consumption in the last 90 days.

Backup Summary

View backup summary that includes date and time of the last completed backup, last backup status, last backup data, and total backup data. 

Backup Settings

Specifies whether custom or default backup settings are applied. Click Edit to modify the custom settings. 

Activity Stream

The Activity Stream tab displays the current progress of ongoing backup or restore activities of all Groups.

On this tab, you can: 

  • Download the log file
  • Filter the logs based on Activity, Time, and Status
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