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Manage and monitor SharePoint Online

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As an inSync Cloud administrator, you can configure alerts to manage and monitor the status of SharePoint Online. You can generate and view reports and get insights into the ongoing activities on your app.

  • Monitor SharePoint activities
  • View Storage details
  • View Live Activities
  • View Sharepoint Backup and Restore report
  • Enable alerts for monitoring SharePoint Online status
  • View site collection audit trail

Monitor SharePoint Online activities

To monitor the completed SharePoint activities:

  1. Sign in to Druva Cloud Platform Console and navigate to  Microsoft 365 > SharePoint.
  2. Click the Site Name for which you want to monitor the activities.
  3. Click the Activity Stream tab to view the activity details.
  4. On the Activity Stream tab, select the site and click Download Logs to download and view the activity logs for a specific time period for a specific SharePoint Site Collection.
  5. To download logs for backup and restore activity of the selected site, select the site and click  Download Logs

View Storage details

To view storage details:

  1. On the inSync Management Console, Click Manage > Storage List. The Storage List page appears.
  2. Click the required Storage Name. The Manage Storage page appears with the details such as the status of the Storage,  usage statistics and so on.

View Live Activities

The Live Activities page displays the current progress of ongoing backup or restores activities of all SharePoint sites.

  • Click liveactivities.png to view the backup or restore progress of SharePoint sites.

View Sharepoint Backup and Restore report


This report displays all the backup and restore activities that occurred on SharePoint sites during a specified period.

The following table lists the fields in the SharePoint Backup and Restore report.

Field Description
SharePoint Site The name of the Sharepoint site on which the activity occurred.
Activity Time The date and time on which the activity occurred.
Activity Type Type of the activity occurred, either Backup or Restore.
Status The status of the activity occurred.
Data Size The size of the data backed up or restored, based on the activity occurred.
Details Additional details for the activity occurred, if any.


  1. On the inSync Management Console, click Reports. The Manage Reports page appears.
  2. Click SharePoint Backup and Restore Report.
  3.  Click the required SharePoint Site for which you want to view the backup and restore report.
  4. Select your preferred option. You can either Email the report or Download the report in HTML or CSV format.


Configure alerts to monitor SharePoint Online status

An inSync Cloud administrator can configure the following alerts to monitor the SharePoint Online site collections' backup and restore status:

  • SharePoint Backup Failed
  • SharePoint Restore Status


  1. On the inSync Management Console, click alerts.png . The Manage Alerts page appears.
  2. Click the required Alert Type.
  3. Click Edit. The Alert Settings page appears. Update the required fields as per your configuration needs and click Save

For more information about how to configure alerts, see Configure Alerts.

View site collection audit trail

The Audit Trails page displays details about the activities performed by inSync users and administrators.

To view SharePoint audit trails:

  1.  On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Audit Trails.
  2. Navigate to Admin Audit Trail.
  3. In the Activity Type, select SharePoint.  
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