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Upgrade Activity Report

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The upgrade activity report lists the upgrade activity and associated status of all the inSync Client devices. You can take corrective action to re-attempt the upgrade process for the failed device. You can also check the status of bulk upgrades and manual upgrades.

The following table lists the fields in the Upgrade Activity Report area.

Field  Description
Device Name Displays the name of the user device.
User Name The name of the user.
Email Displays the profile with which the user device is associated.
Storage The name, version, and platform details of the OS running on the user device.
OS Platform The OS platform on the user device.
Version at the time of upgrade Specifies the current inSync Client version when the upgrade is initiated.
Upgrade to Specifies the inSync Client version being upgraded to.

Status of the upgrade operation such as:

  • Success

  • In progress

  • Failed

  • Scheduled

Details Details of the upgrade action.
Upgrade Attempt  date The date and time when the upgrade was triggered.
Scheduled on The date and time when the upgrade is scheduled.
Scheduled by Email-id of cloud administrator/client who initiated the upgrade.
Type of Upgrade

Displays the type of upgrade initiated:

  • Manual upgrade: If a single device is marked for upgrade.
  • Bulk upgrade: if multiple devices are marked for upgrade.
  • Automatic upgrade: If an auto-upgrade is triggered automatically if a new client version is available.

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