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Edit Configuration of a Salesforce Organization

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An administrator can edit a Salesforce configuration anytime based on the requirement. However, only the following configuration can be edited,

  • Daily API Quota
  • Backup Frequency

Note: You cannot change the storage region assigned to the Salesforce configuration.

About Daily API quota

inSync consumes APIs while performing the backup of objects from your Salesforce organization. As a Salesforce administrator, you must be aware of the daily API usage limit set for your organization by Salesforce. Typically, the API limit is set based on the criticality of the applications that you use in Salesforce and the size of the data your organization generates on a daily basis. inSync App for Salesforce utilizes maximum APIs during its first backup. Since subsequent backups are incremental, minimal APIs are consumed and hence, the API quota can be reset accordingly.

Druva recommends that you calculate the data generated in your environment before you configure the API quota.

You must specify an appropriate number of API calls that inSync must consume while backing up objects from your Salesforce organization. Here is a guideline on the number of API calls, that inSync consumes while performing Salesforce objects backup.

The inSync API usage depends on the number of fields in each record and size of the record.  Generally, the API usage is as follows:

  • 1 API call for every 200 to 1000  records.

  • 2 API calls for each file and attachment.

    inSync calculates 10% of the daily API calls permitted by Salesforce for your organization. If the calculated value is greater than 15000, it is set as the default Daily API Quota for your organization. If the value is less, then the default Daily API Quota is set at 15000. 

For example:

  • If the daily API calls permitted by Salesforce for your organization is 100,000, the default Daily API Quota is set at 15,000.
  • If the daily API calls permitted by Salesforce for your organization are 200,000, the default Daily API Quota is set at 20,000.

inSync consumes only the required number of APIs for its backups and may not fully consume the quota. Daily API Quota indicates the maximum number of APIs inSync can consume for its backups. Administrators can change the quota either from the inSync Management Console and from Salesforce through the inSync App for Salesforce. The minimum and maximum quota limits are 1 and 1,000,000 respectively.


To edit the configuration for a Salesforce Organization,

  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click the Left_Navigation_Bar_Hamburger_Icon.png icon to access the global navigation panel.
  2. Click SaaS Apps.
  3. Click Salesforce. A list of Salesforce accounts that are registered for backup in inSync is displayed.
  4. Click on the Salesforce organization Org Id, for which you want to edit the configuration. Details of the Salesforce organization is displayed.
  5. In the Configuration area, click Edit. Salesforce Configuration window appears.
  6. Under Configuration:
    1. Daily API Quota - Change the default value only if required. The default value displayed in this field is either 10% of the daily API calls permitted by Salesforce for your organization or 15000, whichever of the two is higher. This calculation is explained in the section above. The changes made to the Daily API Quota are immediately propagated to the Salesforce App.
    2. Backup Every - Specify the time interval between every backup, after which inSync should backup your Salesforce data.
  7. Click Save to update the configuration.

inSync complies to the updated configuration and backs up Salesforce data based on the configuration specified.

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