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Delete a Salesforce Organization from inSync

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As an administrator, you can delete a Salesforce organization configured for backup anytime from inSync.

To delete Salesforce organization from inSync,

  1. Uninstall Salesforce App from the Salesforce environment. For instructions, see Uninstall Salesforce App.
  2. Delete the Salesforce organization from inSync Management Console.


  • When you delete a Salesforce organization, inSync permanently deletes all the data backed up for that Salesforce organization.
  • You must follow the order mentioned above to delete a Salesforce organization. If you delete a Salesforce organization in inSync, however, do not uninstall Salesforce App from your Salesforce environment, you are displayed an error message in your Salesforce environment.

To delete a Salesforce organization,

  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar,  click the Left_Navigation_Bar_Hamburger_Icon.png icon to access the global navigation panel.
  2. Click SaaS Apps.
  3. Click Salesforce. A list of Salesforce accounts that are registered for backup in inSync is displayed.
  4. On the Salesforce Account list page, select the Salesforce organization that you want to delete, and click Delete. A confirmation dialog box appears.
  5. Click Yes to delete the selected Salesforce organization.

inSync deletes the Salesforce organization. inSync permanently deletes all the data backed up for that Salesforce organization.

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