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Salesforce Organization Details page

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This article provides you information on the details available on Salesforce Organization Details page.

Access Path

Salesforce Organization Details page can be accessed by,

  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar,  click the Left_Navigation_Bar_Hamburger_Icon.png icon to access the global navigation panel.
  2. Click SaaS Apps.
  3. Click Salesforce. A list of Salesforce accounts that are registered for backup in inSync is displayed.
  4. Click on the Salesforce organization Org Id. Details of the selected Salesforce organization are displayed.


The following sections describe the information displayed on Salesforce Organization area. 

Backup Summary


The following table lists the fields in the Backup Summary area. 

Field Description
Backup Data The total data that inSync has backed up from the Salesforce organization.
API Usage The total number of API calls consumed by inSync in the last backup.
Last Backup Status The status of the last backup that occurred on Salesforce organization.
Last Completed Backup The date and time when Salesforce organization was last backed up.
API Usage


Displays the graph of daily API usage for the last 7 days. The daily API limit set for the account is indicated with a horizontal line on the graph. You can move your mouse over the graph to see the API usage for a specific date. The widget is refreshed each time you open this page.

Storage Consumption


Displays the graph of storage consumed by backups over the last 90 days. This area is refreshed each time you open the page. You can move your mouse over the graph to see the storage consumed on a specific date.

Summary tab

Account Details area

A summary of the Salesforce organization and its backup status is displayed in this area. The fields displayed on this tab are described in the table below.

Field name Indicates
Account Name ID of the Salesforce administrator account.
#Users Number of users associated with the account.
Status Status of connectivity with inSync server.
Activated on Date and time of account activation.
Total Stored Data Count of Salesforce objects and relevant records backed up for the account and the size of metadata files in MB.

Configuration area

This area displays backup settings.

Field name Indicates
Daily API Quota Displays the numeric value of the maximum daily APIs allowed for the Salesforce  org.
Backup Frequency Displays  the backup frequency configured for the account.
Storage Displays the name of the storage region to which this Salesforce organization data is being backed up.
Edit Allows you to change the Backup Frequency settings.
Activity Stream tab

This area displays information on the activities that took place in inSync related to Salesforce. The information displayed includes the type, time, and status of the activities in progress or completed with a download link of each activity log.

Field Name Description
Activity Displays the name of the activity.


Displays the date and time when the activity occurred.

Admin Displays the name of the administrator who performed the activity.
Status Displays the status of the backup, restore, and download activity.

View and download activity logs

To download activity logs, click the download icon download_arrow234.png for the activity. The relevant log file is saved to your system.
The download location of activity logs depends on your browser settings.

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