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Download Salesforce Organization Data

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You as an administrator can download Salesforce object data backed up by inSync for a particular Salesforce organization. Since backups are stored in snapshots, you can view the object data from specific snapshots and download it.

inSync creates a .csv file for each object selected for the download. All the .csv files are collected in a folder and the folder is downloaded in a compressed or zipped format. The download location of the zipped folder depends on the location set in your browser setting. If any of the records that you have selected for download has attachments, then the attachments are downloaded in a separate folder labeled with the object name.

Note: On Windows OS, if the compressed zip file size is too large, you may experience error unzipping the file using Windows Explorer. In such scenarios, you may choose another utility to unzip such large data sets.

Salesforce manages the items listed under Files through the following objects:

  • ContentVersion

  • ContentDocument

  • ContentDocumentLink

inSync backs up the above objects and supports the download of the data from inSync Management Console.

 Druva recommends downloading data from the ContentVersion object as it stores the actual files and all the backed up versions of each file. All the items of the Files object get downloaded in a separate folder titled ContentVersion.


  • At least one backup should have happened of the Salesforce organization for which you want to download the data.
  • Ensure pop-ups are unblocked in your browser before you download object data.
Download object data from Salesforce

To download object data for a Salesforce organization,

  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar,  click the Left_Navigation_Bar_Hamburger_Icon.png icon to access the global navigation panel.
  2. Click SaaS Apps.
  3. Click Salesforce. A list of Salesforce accounts that are registered for backup in inSync is displayed.
  4. Click on the Salesforce organization Org Id, for which you want to download the data. Details of the Salesforce organization is displayed.
  5. Click Download. Download Data window appears.
  6. By default, the latest snapshot data is displayed on the window. If you want to download data from an earlier snapshot, under Select Snapshot , specify the snapshot date and select a snapshot from the snapshot list. A list of objects backed up for your account will be displayed.
  7. Select the Salesforce objects for which you want to download data. You can also use the search box to find the objects.
    To download data of all the objects, select the check box placed beside Name.
  8. Click Download. A data file in .csv format is downloaded on your system in a zipped folder. The download location will depend on browser settings on your system.  If you have selected multiple objects for download, all the data files are downloaded in the zipped folder.