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Data copy or restore job fails for Person Account records

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Problem description

The data copy or restore job fails for Person Account records with the following error:

Required Fields Missing: [Name]“ or “Required Fields Missing: [FirstName, LastName, Salutation]


Apply a Data Translation to the Account.RecordTypeId (Object.FieldName) to map the Record Type IDs from the source to the destination for the Account object. 

Data Translation is required in the following scenarios:

  • When creating a scratch org, the object IDs in the two scratch orgs will not match.

  • When copying data between two production orgs or two Developer Edition orgs​​​​​, the object IDs will not match.

In addition, Salesforce automatically creates the associated Contact record during Account record creation. The Contact record ID is not yet known at this stage. Hence, if the Account object contains lookup fields that reference the related Contact record, ensure that you exclude these fields. 

See also

For more information, see Data Translations.

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