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Salesforce Data Errors

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The article provides the solution for errors in the Salesforce environment that you may encounter while working with Druva.


The records in the organization already exist.

Example: The price definition record already exists in this price book.

Workaround/ Resolution

  • Validate if it is a duplicate, remove it from the destination, and restore it from the backup.


  • Exclude the record from the data template.


The username already exists in this Salesforce or another organization. 

Workaround/ Resolution

  • Change the user name (does not require to match the user's email address) before restore.


  • Clear the user object check box to avoid restoring it. Usernames must be unique across all Salesforce organizations. 


  • Ignore the error if the user already exists.


Records are created or updated in Salesforce concurrently and have familiar parents on which these child objects acquire lock during modification.

Workaround/ Resolution

  • Configure the restore template batch size with the following steps.
  • Navigate to the data restore template detail page.
  • Go to the Data Template Settings tab-> Batch Size -> Decrease the batch size (this will reduce the probability of getting this error).


  • Enable  Process Serial and click Save, this solution will work, but speed might decrease slightly.


Missing mandatory field in an object.

Example: Attempting to add a campaign member where either the member id or the campaign id is null.


  • To resolve the above, please verify the mentioned member or campaign id is present. 
  • Check the source organization to verify the missing fields or make them optional on the destination Salesforce organization.

Note: If the fields are backed up and the data template is not configured to exclude these fields, then contact support

Error caused due to invalid input in fields.


  1. (RelatedRecordId) Looks like the selected user does not have permission to be a service resource. Your Salesforce admin can help with that.
  2. (IsActive) The Service Resource cannot be activated because its related Service Crew has no active Service Crew Members.
  3. (IsActive) __MISSING LABEL__ PropertyFile - val noActiveMembers not found in section ServiceResourceErrors.

Manually exclude the fields in the Account Object from data template settings.


The DML operation (for create/update/delete) is not supported.

  1. (AssociationCause) An object territory association cannot be created or deleted with Territory Assignment Rule association cause.
  2. Cannot create, update or delete Feed Attachment.
  3. Cannot create, update or delete Feed Attachment of type InlineImage.

Workaround/ Resolution

  • ObjectTerritory2Association cannot be copied via application, once the parent object and its territory are loaded to the destination organization. Customers can easily associate them with Salesforce in bulk.
  • You can read, create, update, or delete a feed attachment only if you have the corresponding access to the associated FeedItem


Error caused by adding invalid reference values to a field of the failing restore object.  It may also cause when the field values are invalid for the user or the user does not have access to the field value.

Workaround/ Resolution

Below are the most commonly occurring scenarios and the respective resolution:

  • Verify the authenticated user has the correct permission to access the Record Type.
  • Error messages for the above are as follows:
  • (RecordTypeId) Record Type ID: this ID value is not valid for the user: {userId}
  • (RecordTypeId) Party Record Type: this ID value is not valid for the user:{userId}
  • Sometimes the user-Id is empty. Please provide permission to the users for this recordType.
  • You can assign user record types in permission sets.
  • Check for the correct reference value. If the field is Record Type, confirm if the same is enabled for the user.


Error caused due to apex triggers. 

Workaround/ Resolution
Disable or fix the apex code when objects are created/updated.


Storage limit exceeded

Workaround/ Resolution
Clear storage from the organization to allow further restore/copy to the destination organization


Some Triggers or validation checks are enabled. 

Take necessary action as per the error reason shown by Salesforce. 


Insufficient access permissions on cross-reference ID.

Workaround/ Resolution

  • If the error is reported in the RecordId field and the Record ID does not exist in the destination, restore the record ID and retry the restore of the failed object.
  • If it exists, check the user’s permissions to the record.

Note: If the error is reported on any other field, please contact support"


Salesforce does not allow updating data of a converted lead.

Workaround/ Resolution
Use the “Converted” EQUAL TO “No” filter to exclude the converted leads.


Some fields are prohibited considering the object type.

Example: Custom/Non-person Accounts do not require the middle name and suffix, but the object schema might have these fields due to the presence of a person account.

Workaround/ Resolution
Manually exclude such fields from data template settings.



The destination org does not have the picklist values in the backup or source organization.

Workaround/ Resolution

Create picklist values that match the values in source org or backup.


Error caused while updating many events like inserting, deleting, or updating recurring events or tasks.

Workaround/ Resolution
Disable the trigger metadata before restoring. To know more, see Help And Training Community.


This issue is caused when we try to create/update records with incorrect fields for an object.  

Example scenarios:

  1. Task Relations (Task_Id) You can only add up to one relation

Resolution: TaskRelation objects prohibit adding multiple relations, so if u are trying to add Account, Campaign and other standard or custom objects to it this issue will occur

  1. Mismatched integration value and ISO code for field: Billing Country Code

Resolution: ISO code field issues, so either remove the field next time u copy or insert a proper one

  1. (ConvertedAccountId) Converted Account empty for a Converted Lead.: Converted Account ID

Resolution: This error happened because the Converted Lead in your source tool doesn't have the following fields populated:

1. Converted Account ID 
2. Converted Contact ID 
3. Converted Opportunity ID

Above are few examples. Please go through the error message and analyze the error from Salesforce. The error messages provide the steps/hints required to fix the issues.

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