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The Tasks page from the Salesforce App enables you to view the following task status:

  • All Tasks 

  • Pending Tasks 

  • Completed Tasks


Perform the following steps to view the status of a task.

  1. On the Salesforce App console, click Tasks.

  2. Select a type of task to check the status.

The following types of tasks are available in the dropdown list.

Option Description
All Tasks Displays all tasks a user performs throughout the history of using the application.
Completed Tasks Displays all the completed tasks a user performs throughout the history of using the application.
Pending Tasks Displays all the pending tasks currently running within the application.

As per the selection, a table displays the status of tasks.

Name Description

Describes the type of task. The following are some of the types of task:

  • Org Describe 

  • Disable Validations

  • Refresh Validations

  • Enable Validations

  • Include Records

  • Data Copy

  • Data Backup

  • Retrieve Records

  • Retrieve Deleted Records

  • Download Backup Data

  • Metadata Backup Extract Files

  • Metadata Backup Compare

  • Metadata Restore

Description Provides a short description of the type of task.
State Displays the status of the task.
Created Date Displays the creation date of the task.
Completed Date Displays the completion date of the task.

Provides additional details of a failed task.

Data Copy Details

The Data Copy Details page provides the following details.


Element Description
Description Describes the data copy operation and displays the name of the data template being used.
Status Displays the current stage of the data copy, which can be either In Progress, Completed, or Failed.
Created At Displays the date when the data copy operation was initiated.
Total Displays the total record count for the data copy task.
Return to Data Template

This link enables you to navigate to the data template being used and make any modifications. 

You can exclude fields, add data translations, or manage validations to resolve error messages for failed records.

For more information about Data Templates, see Data Templates.

Retry Failed Records

The Salesforce App stores the record IDs of the records, which failed to copy during a data copy task.

The Retry Failed Records option enables you to retry data copies of any failed records shortly or days later after a data copy task is completed. 

You can select all objects to retry or select individual objects.

The Retry Failed Records option replicates the original data copy operation for any specified validations. If the original data copy did not contain validations, then the retry operation disables them and vice versa.
Export Failed Records The Export Failed Records option exports all failed records to a CSV file.
Export Completed Records The Export Completed Records option exports all records which were copied to a CSV file.

Data Copy Status 

Status Tab

The Status tab displays a progress bar to provide information on the progress of the data copy task.

This tab displays the logs as well. You can see the events from the application during the migration of data between Salesforce environments.

Completed Tab

The Completed tab displays the copied records into the target organization. The records are divided by object. You can use the Object Name dropdown list to toggle between objects.

The data table displays the field values populated into the target organization. The value in the ID field is the ID within the destination. You can copy and paste this ID into the destination to locate the record.


Column Selection

The Column Selection option lets users change the columns in the data table. The data table displays around 10-20 columns.


The Available Columns display all the available fields for that object. The Selected Columns displays selected fields to display on the data table. 

Click a column and select or deselect it using the directional arrows. Use the directional arrows to determine the order in which the columns display on the data table.

Failed Tab

The Failed tab displays the records that failed to copy during the data copy task. The records are divided into object and error codes. You can use the dropdown list to toggle between objects and error codes.

Note: The error messages are the responses returned from Salesforce during creation of records in the destination.

Salesforce_App_Tasks_Data_Copy_Failed_Records.png The table on the bottom-left displays the individual records with their record ID and error message. You can click Detail to populate the table on the right pane.

The table on the right pane provides a comparison between the source field values and the attempted values. The attempted values are the values the application attempted to populate into the destination for the specific record.

Deploy Validations

The Deploy Validations tab displays the deployment results for the validations applied to the metadata in the target organization during a data copy operation.

The following deployment results are displayed in a table.

Field Description
File Name Displays the validation file name.
Type Name Displays the validation type.
Full Name Displays the full name of the validation.
Message Displays the status of the validation deployment.


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