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Salesforce Data Archiver and Restore Report

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Overview Edit section

This report displays all the archival, archival restore, and archival download activities that occurred on configured Salesforce instances during a specified period.

Access Path Edit section

On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Reports and click Salesforce Data Archiver and Restore.

Understanding the Salesforce Data Archiver and Restore  Edit section

The following table lists the fields from the Salesforce Data Archiver and Restore.



Report Duration

The date intervals are considered for the archival and archival restore report.

Select the period for the report from the dropdown available at the top-right corner of the page.

Salesforce Instance

The Salesforce instance details for the activity.

Archival Set

The archival set name for the activity.

Salesforce User

The Salesforce user who initiated the activity.

Activity Time

The date and time of the backup or restore activity in DD MMM YYYY HH:MM format. The time zone is the same as specified in the Druva Cloud Platform Console. The default time zone for Druva Cloud Platform Console is UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time zone. 

Activity Type

The type of activity, such as:

  • Data Archival

  • Archival Restore

  • Archival Download

Restored Instance The Salesforce instance details of the destination organization where the data was restored. This is applicable only for the Archival Restore activity.


The status of the backup or restore activity. The types of status are as follows:

  • Completed
  • Failed
  • Stopped

Additional details for the activity, if any.

Hover over the details to see the following information:

  • Source organization 

  • Snapshot details

  • Destination organization

  • Data template used for the operation

Let’s understand the available options on the page.




Enables you to download the report in HTML or CSV format.


Enables you to send the report to intended recipients in HTML or CSV format.