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Release Notes - SaaS Apps

This article provides information about release details on SaaS Apps and Data Governance.

If you are an inSync GovCloud customer, see inSync GovCloud Updates.

January 22, 2022

This release has minor bug fixes.

Fixed Issues


Issue Description
INS-47105 Gmail: Fixed an issue wherein Other Contacts backup fails for large number of contacts.
INS-43788 Exchange Online: Fixed an issue wherein the Last backup details page displayed incorrect backup status.
INS-43916 Salesforce 2.0 App: Fixed an issue wherein the admin ID replaced the active user IDs during a restore activity.

January 08, 2022


Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Slack

Prevent accidental deletion of users and workloads

You will now have to enter a reason for deleting a user or a workload. The reason for deletion is captured in the Admin Audit Trail.

Customer action required: None.

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Fixed Issues


Issue Description
INS-13548 SharePoint Online: Fixed an issue wherein the restore status is displayed as Restore Successful on the administrator console for a failed restore task.
INS-43923 Exchange Online: Fixed an issue wherein the downloaded PST file does not contain any data when searching in the restore tab.
INS-46670 Fixed an issue with user mapping causing inconsistency in the import workflow.

Archived release notes 

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