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Release Notes - SaaS Apps

Our Cloud services are being updated in stages. If you do not see the updates mentioned here yet, they will be available in your region soon. To know more, see Druva Cloud Upgrade Process.

This article provides information about release details on SaaS Apps and Data Governance.

If you are an inSync GovCloud customer, see inSync GovCloud Updates.

September 23, 2023

Fixed Issues


Issue Description
INS-102783 SharePoint Online: Fixed an issue wherein restore of approval status and approval comments in a list or DL was not supported.

September 09, 2023


Support for Microsoft Planner

In addition to the existing Microsoft 365 apps, we have extended support for Planner, a task-tracking app used for collaboration in Microsoft 365. If the Planner data is accidentally deleted or lost due to ransomware attacks, it is permanently deleted. Moreover, if a group is deleted, the associated Plans will also be deleted. To avoid this data loss, we are offering a comprehensive solution to protect Microsoft 365 data, ensuring that all data is recoverable. You can now securely backup, restore, and manage Planner data, allowing teams to focus on their work without worrying about data loss. 

Additionally, to ensure point-in-time consistency between apps in a Microsoft Group, we are introducing a unified backup of Groups. The unified backup includes all critical pieces of Microsoft Groups, like Group Metadata, Planner, and Group site, together so that correlated data that is spread across Groups ecosystem is available for restore in one place.

Click here to know what has changed.


Group Backup now covers Group Metadata, Site, and Planner data. 



Full Group restore restores Group Metadata, Planner, and Site.

Note: Exclusive support for Planner restore is coming soon. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

Live activities

Live Activities display the current progress of ongoing backup or restore activities for Groups, including Planner.

Activity Stream Activity stream displays details of the completed Groups activities, including Planner. A separate log file is generated for Planner.

Groups dashboard (listing page)

A new column - Plan is added on the listing page.

You can now filter Groups by Plan name.

Action required: Reconfigure the app to get the updated permissions.

Note: If you want to start protecting your Microsoft Planner data, contact Druva support. Planner support will be available for all customers very soon! Stay tuned for the latest updates!


Get details for ongoing backup type 
You can now identify the backup type, whether a full scan or incremental ongoing jobs. With this information, Administrators can plan their tasks accordingly.

Here is a glimpse

Fixed Issues


Issue Description
INS-112874 Exchange Online: Fixed an issue where only 100 folders were backed up if Exchange Online Tasks specific to graph API enabled devices contained over 100 Tasks folders.
INS-114857 Exchange Online: Fixed an issue where-in, restore from one mailbox to another mailbox fails with the ErrorMimeContentInvalid error.
INS-111647 Exchange Online, OneDrive, Gmail, Google Drive: Fixed an issue where-in the initial backup statistics for user-based devices would fail, and the user rollout report would be blank if the backup was completed in under one minute

September 04, 2023


Introducing storage support for the UAE region

We have added a new AWS data storage location for the UAE region to add more flexibility to data storage requirements, especially for Druva customers across the UAE region.
Don't miss to check out a green icon for the UAE region on the Druva Cloud status page.

Here is a glimpse
UAE region.png

August 26, 2023

New Feature


Get details of errors on the User interface

You now get the error details and solutions on the user interface. The information helps you understand the cause of the issue and provides troubleshooting steps for quick assistance.

Here is a glimpse

August 12, 2023

This release has minor bug fixes.

July 29, 2023

New Feature

Data Governance: eDiscovery Download client v2.0.3 update for inSync Cloud

An updated v2.0.3 for eDiscovery Download Client is now available with support for ARM binary for Mac M1 to work on both x86_64 and arm64 architectures

You can now download and install the new ARM binary on M1 Macs without relying on Rosetta for the conversion of binary to be Mac compliant.

Customer Action Required: Upgrade to eDiscovery Download Client v2.0.3 from the Downloads page.

For more information, see

Fixed Issues


Issue Description


SharePoint Online: Fixed an issue wherein restore failed for backed-up sealed content type.


Public folder: Fixed an issue wherein regeneration of the access token failed if you added a Public folder with an expired access token.

Known Issues


Issue Description
INS-112874 If Exchange Online Tasks contains over 100 Tasks folders, only 100 folders will be backed up.

July 22, 2023

New Feature

Data Governance: New Target Download API for Legal Hold

Targeted Download is an API-based method for remote data retrieval, designed to gather data linked to specific users under a Legal-Hold policy. This approach allows legal administrators to employ their scripting skills and create customized automated workflows, using languages like Python or PowerShell, to selectively gather the necessary metadata or actual data. By eliminating irrelevant and duplicate data, this process reduces eDiscovery costs effectively. To learn more, see Using Target Download API.

July 15, 2023

New Feature

Refreshed inSync Settings User Interface 

The inSync Settings page is now renamed to Endpoint and SaaS Apps settings with following enhancements:

  • Categorized Settings
    The settings are categorized and grouped, making it easier for administrators to locate and manage specific settings related to Endpoints and SaaS applications. Check out below.

  • Migration of the following settings for simplified navigation

  •  Mass Deployment settings: The Mass Deployment setting is relocated to the Endpoints dashboard under the Mass Deployment tab to simplify the user experience by consolidating all related functionalities under one tab.
  • User provisioning settings: The User provisioning setting under the Deployment tab is relocated to the Users page under the Deployment tab to allow users to conveniently access and manage deployment settings within the context of user management.
Here is a glimpse

Fixed Issues


Issue Description
INS-101340 OneDrive: Fixed an issue wherein backup failed due to CAP (Conditional Access Policies) with the EUSERNOTFOUND error.
INS-78633 SharePoint Online: Fixed an issue wherein restore failed with an internal error.

July 01, 2023


Unified data protection for Groups and Teams

We've simplified data protection for Microsoft 365 by introducing a single configuration for all Microsoft 365 Groups applications. Now, you can easily set up backup for all resources in one place, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Action Required: Review the updated backup and retention settings, as they have been modified based on specific parameters. For more details, refer to the Groups and Teams documentation.

►Here is a glimpse
In addition, the following UI enhancements are now available:
  • Configure Multiple Groups, Teams, SharePoint Sites in one go: Use the Configure for Backup option to specify multiple discovered Groups, Teams, or SharePoint Online sites and apply consistent settings.
  • Get a separate view of the Discovered, Configured, and Backup settings.

Simplified onboarding for protecting Groups, Teams, SharePoint, and Public folder

To offer you a seamless and effortless experience in protecting your Microsoft 365 data, we have extended the simplified onboarding process to Groups, Teams, SharePoint, and Public folder apps by reducing and simplifying the configuration steps. With the new configuration wizard, you can now quickly configure your first backup right after discovery with just a few clicks.

For more information, see Onboarding Guide.

Known Issues


Issue Description
INS-100174 When performing backup and configuration for Teams and SharePoint Online (SPO), there is an inconsistency in synchronizing the settings for a site discovered as part of Teams backup. This issue occurs when the site is intentionally deleted and then configured again for backup after the deletion.

When you delete the already configured M365 group, all associated sub-apps (Teams & Sites) get deleted but the rollback action recovers only deleted M365 group.

Workaround: To restore the deleted sub-apps, perform separate rollback actions for SharePoint sites and Teams.


When the parent group is configured with default settings, you cannot edit the settings for Data Locked sub-apps. Also, the edit button on the sub-app summary page is missing.

Workaround: To edit the settings for Data Locked sub-apps, navigate to the summary page of the Parent app and modify the settings


When you upgrade your distribution groups to Microsoft 365 groups, the Team and Private channel sites are not added to the Microsoft 365 groups.

Workaround: Navigate to the Files tab from the Teams Client to trigger provisioning if the SharePoint site/folder is not yet created.


If the SharePoint site is not provisioned after waiting for 5 minutes, use  Get-MgTeamChannelFileFolder for the Team channel and/or Private/Shared channel to trigger provisioning.

June 24, 2023


Salesforce: Improved Deletion Workflow for Salesforce Entities

We have improved the deletion workflow for several Salesforce entities. Enhanced workflow includes a detailed list of dependent entities that will also be deleted along with the primary entity, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the impact of the deletion.

Moreover, we have incorporated an email notification feature that will send an email to the Salesforce App admin when an entity is deleted. The email will contain vital details such as the reason for deletion and the identity of the user who deleted it, enabling effective auditing and tracking.

With these enhancements, the deletion workflow for Salesforce entities is now more user-friendly, efficient, and transparent than ever before.

June 03, 2023

This release has minor bug fixes.

May 20, 2023


Protect Content Types in SharePoint

Now you can protect Content Types at the Site and Global level in SharePoint. This enhancement ensures that data consistency is not lost when an item or document is recovered.

Back up draft emails for Exchange Online

With this enhancement, you can now safeguard your composed but unsent emails from accidental or malicious deletions. It ensures that the emails in the Drafts folder are securely backed up, enabling seamless recovery whenever needed.

You can also search for backed-up emails from the draft folder using the Federated Search page's user name, created date, and subject filters. For more information, see How to search backed-up emails

Note: These features are available only with Microsoft Graph APIs.

Known Issues


Issue Description
INS-102713 SharePoint Online: The following is not supported due to graph API limitation:
  • Backup and restore of the propagated changes from parent content type to child content type.
  • Backup and restore of a document template for a content type at the list or document library level.
  • Restore of sealed content types.

Fixed Issues


Issue Description
INS-98889 SharePoint Online: Fixed an issue wherein the Bad Request.Invalid HTTP Header error occurred when attempting to download entire data from SharePoint site backup.

May 06, 2023


Data Governance: eDiscovery Download client v2.0.2 update for inSync Cloud

An updated v2.0.2 for eDiscovery Download Client is now available with minor security enhancements.

Customer Action Required: Upgrade to eDiscovery Download Client v2.0.2 from the Downloads page.

For more information, see

April 22, 2023

Known Issues


Issue Description


SharePoint Online: If a site has a subsite and a Distribution List (DL) with the same name, the subsite and DL both are restored with a unique ID appended to their names on SharePoint. Also, on the inSync UI, the restore points are displayed with the appended names.

Fixed Issues


Issue Description


SharePoint Online: Fixed an issue wherein if a site has a subsite and a Distribution List (DL) with the same name, the DL was getting skipped from site backup. As a result, the files under that DL were added to subsite. 

April 08, 2023


Graph APIs for Exchange Online and SharePoint Online

Druva has started migrating to Microsoft Graph APIs v1.0 to back up data for Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. Microsoft also plans to deprecate the Outlook REST API for Exchange Online in 2023.

If you are using Druva to protect your Microsoft 365 data, you need to switch to the new APIs to:

  • Avail the new product features in Exchange Online and SharePoint Online - New features will be released only on the Graph API.
  • Optimize the performance of SharePoint Online incremental backups.

To switch to the new Graph APIs, you must reconfigure the apps and approve the requested permissions.

Action Required: Reconfigure all the apps that you are using and approve the permissions. If you have configured any auxiliary apps for SharePoint Online, you must reconfigure all of them. If you have already reconfigured the apps based on the previous notification about migration to Graph APIs, you can skip this step.

March 25, 2023

New Feature

Refreshed Profile User Interface

The Profiles user interface is now refreshed to make the experience seamless and easy. 
Here are the key enhancements:

Profile Listing Page

  • Refreshed Profile listing page to give a consolidated view of all the configured workloads
  • Search capability and filtering option for quick navigation, making it easier to manage Profiles
  • Export profile configuration to CSV option for quick reference

Create and Update Profile

  • The create and Update profile workflow is enhanced and has the relevant backup configuration settings grouped together for easy configuration
 ►Here is a glimpse

For more information, see Create and Manage Profiles for SaaS Apps and Endpoints.


Enterprise Key Management for Salesforce

With Enterprise Key Management, you can use keys generated from your AWS Key Management Service (KMS) account to encrypt and decrypt the data backed up by Druva inSync. This enhancement provides an additional layer of encryption over and above Druva's default data encryption.

For more information, see Configure Enterprise Key Management for Salesforce.

Customer action required: Enterprise Key Management is available on request. To enable this feature for your account, contact Support.


Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Restore and download complete mailbox

Now, you can restore or download the entire mailbox in a single click in addition to restoring or downloading each mailbox item individually. We have also added the capability to download the entire mailbox in Archive format. After you trigger the download, the mailbox is downloaded in OS friendly archive format.

Here is a glimpse of the update

For more information, see Restore Exchange Online data and Restore Gmail data.

Customer action required: None.

Data Governance


Federated Search: Keep track of Federated Search actions

Druva logs all administrators' actions in the Admin Audit Trail for Delete and Quarantine. Now, we extend this capability to actions taken by administrators from Federated Search for the following:

  • File Search

  • Email Search

  • File Search Results sent via email

  • Email Search Result sent via email

  • Download search result (file/email)

This helps administrators keep track of the status of the action, such as successful or failed, and assists Infosec and Data Compliance administrators during audits and data investigations.

Here is a glimpse of the update

For more information, see,

Customer action required: None.

New Feature

Sensitive Data Governance (SDG): Introducing listing APIs

You can now use the following list APIs to create your own custom reports for file and email violations.

  • List Data Types: Provides details of all the available data types

  • List SDG policy templates: Provides details of all the available SDG policy templates created

  • List SDG policies: Provides details of all the configured SDG policies

  • List whitelisted keywords: Provides details of all the whitelisted keywords

  • List  SDG settings: Provides details of all the SDG settings configured

  • List file violations: Provides details of all the file violations

  • List email violations: Provides details of all the email violations

For more information, see Developer Portal.

Customer action required: None.

March 11, 2023

Fixed Issues


Updated Free License Count for Preserved Users and Shared Mailbox

We had observed an incorrect allocation of free Preserved Users and Shared Mailbox license count against active user licenses. For more information, see Updated Free License Count for Preserved Users and Shared Mailbox.

Action required 

Procure additional Preserved User and Shared Mailbox licenses if total (free + purchased) licenses are already or nearly consumed by raising a case with Support.

Additionally, we have also fixed the following issues.

Issue Description
INS-53028 Exchange Online: Fixed an issue wherein the conversion of contacts from .vcf format to PST format failed with an error.
INS-65336 Exchange Online: Fixed an issue wherein backup failed with an EINTERNAL error.
INS-20131 Exchange Online and Gmail: Fixed an error wherein the number of restore emails was not recorded in the restoration activity after performing a restore using the metadata search results.
INS-41513 OneDrive: Fixed an issue wherein backup failed when the user has a different email and UPN.

February 25, 2023


Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Retain backup data for up to 360 months

You now have an option to configure retention period of up to 360 months for backed up Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace data and meet regulatory requirements for data compliance.

For more information, see Configure the Backup Retention Policy.

Customer action required: None.


New Settings tab on Data Copy/Restore Task page

We have enhanced the Task page for Data Copy/Restore to include a new Settings tab that displays the details of the settings used during the operation. This improvement provides better visibility and analysis of the selected options.

Here is a glimpse of the update

For more information, see Tasks.

Customer action required: None.

February 04, 2023



Enhancements to the Tasks page

The Task page of Data Copy/Restore is enhanced with the following capabilities:

Segregated view of Failed and Unresolved records: The segregated view for Unresolved records separates Unresolved records from Failed records, allowing administrators to easily identify the number of failed records and work towards resolving them. Once the failed records are resolved, the Unresolved record count will automatically adjust to give an accurate view of both Failed and Unresolved records. 

This feature improves the user experience by providing a clearer separation of unresolved and failed records, allowing users to focus on resolving only the failed records while ensuring that unresolved records are also taken care of automatically.

Here is a glimpse of the update

View Task Summary in Task Status tab: The Task Status tab is now enhanced with Task Summary, which provides a comprehensive view of the total number of records for each object in the Completed and Failed tabs. It provides a better representation of Failed or Unresolved data copy or data restore jobs giving administrators a clear understanding of the total number of records, completed records, failed records, and unresolved records.

Here is a glimpse of the update

View number of failed records for an Object in Failed tab: You can now view the number of failed records for an Object in the Failed tab while analyzing the failed records for the data copy job. It allows you to quickly diagnose the failed records and get a better understanding of the status.

Here is a glimpse of the update

For more information, see Tasks.

Customer action required: None

New Feature

Federated Search:  Introducing Search APIs

You can now use the following search Get APIs to automatically search and view details for the required files and emails using the SHA1 checksum value:

  • Search for Files: Search and view details for files.

  • Search for Emails: Search and view details of emails.

Customer action required: None.

For more information, see Developer portal.

Known Issues


Issue Description
INS-38921 Exchange Online: Calendar events that are backed up and then later deleted from the calendar are not removed from subsequent snapshots.
INS-68233 Exchange Online: Emails with more than 24000 recipients combined in the To, CC, or BCC fields are not backed up.
INS-47093 Exchange Online: Backup fails due to the Recoverable Items folder not being backed up.

Fixed Issues


Issue Description
INS-76996 Salesforce 2.0: When a backup snapshot is deleted because it exceeded the retention period, the application should also delete any associated templates.

January 07, 2023



Flexibility to select destination Salesforce organization for data transfer

You can now choose any Salesforce organization as the destination for Data Copy or Data Restore operation when using an existing data template.

Here is a glimpse of the update
Confirmation - Data Copy Summaryconfirmation_data_copy.png


Confirmation - Data Restore Summaryconfirmation_data_restore.png

For more information, see Copy Data and Restore Data.

Customer action required: None

Known Issues


Issue Description
INS-76165 Exchange Online: Due to Graph API limitations, currently restoring tasks with a file more than 3 MB in size is not supported.
INS-68586 Exchange Online: The downloaded folder is empty when you download an email with a restricted character such as 'restricted_character.png' in the subject. In-place restore action fails with errors for emails with a restricted character such as 'restricted_character.png' in the subject.
INS-72318 Exchange Online: While restoring data, if you expand a folder in Mails that contains emails with more than 10000 email addresses in the To, CC, or BCC fields, the process fails with an RPC version mismatch error.

Archived release notes 

For release notes of previous cloud updates, see  Archived Release Notes - SaaS Apps.