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Updated Free License Count for Preserved Users and Shared Mailbox

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By default, Druva allocates free license for the following -

To know more about license utilization, see Active and Preserved License Consumption.

Moreover, Druva also enables you to purchase additional licenses for the above license types which are then added to your total license count.

Total license count = Free licenses + Purchased licenses


It was observed that the total number of free licenses credited to your account were miscalculated given the above percentage (%) of active licenses.

This resulted in incorrect utilization of free & purchased licenses.


Druva has fixed the issue and it will be rolled out to AWS regions starting March 11, 2023 Cloud Upgrade. See Druva Cloud Upgrade Process.

If your account is affected with incorrect free license count, it will be automatically updated to reflect the correct free license count.

To view the total license count, free + purchased, and usage of Preserved Users and Shared Mailbox license count:

  1. Login to Druva Cloud Platform.

  2. Go to Account Details section and review your license summary.

Action Required

Druva recommends you to review the total count of your free & purchased license in Account Details.

Evaluate the consumption of total licenses and plan to purchase if have already or nearly consumed the license by contacting Druva Support.

For Shared Mailbox license, if you have consumed all the total count of Shared Mailbox license, you cannot backup additional Shared Mailbox.


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