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Release Notes - inSync GovCloud

March 11, 2023

SaaS Apps


Microsoft 365

Support of Public Folder to all the regions supported by Druva

You can now backup Public Folder data to all the regions supported by Druva.

Note: This enhancement is available with Enterprise and Elite editions.

Customer action required: None


New Feature

Simplified inSync Client mass deployment with new Mass Deployment wizard

You can now mass deploy inSync Client on user devices with the help of new automated Mass Deployment wizard from the Endpoints console. The wizard provides a single interface to auto-generate IMD (Integrated Mass Deployment) commands for different directory service environments, thus reducing your time and effort. 

Here is a Glimpse

Customer action required: None

For more information, see Integrated mass deployment.


New Endpoint APIs

The following APIs are now available:

  • Get admin audit trail retention settings - To get the duration that your Druva Cloud Administrator has configured to retain the Audit Trails.
  • List all AD/LDAP Connectors - To list all configured AD/LDAP Connectors in your environment and monitor their status.

For more information, see the Developer portal.

Support for macOS Ventura 13 with inSync Client v7.2.1

Now experience seamless endpoint data protection for macOS Ventura 13. Druva has qualified the inSync Client  v7.2.1 on macOS Ventura 13. 

Customer Action: Upgrade to inSync Client  v7.2.1 For upgrade instructions, see Upgrade inSync Client.

Note: If you are already using inSync Client  v7.2.1, no action is required.

For details on prerequisites for installation, see hardware and software requirements.

Download the inSync Client  v7.2.1 here.

For more details, contact Support.

Cloud platform

New Feature

Support for Authenticator App-based Multifactor Authentication

You can now configure Authenticator App-based Multifactor Authentication for secured administrator login.
The following Authenticator Apps are certified by Druva:

  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • Google Authenticator
  • Authy
  • Duo
  • LastPass
  • Symantec VIP
Here is a glimpse of the update

For more information, see  Configure Multifactor Authentication.

Data Governance

New Feature

eDiscovery: New eDiscovery Download Client v2.0.1 for GoV Cloud 

The new version includes a more enhanced way of registering clients called token-based registration. This method uses tokens, which are unique, randomly generated strings of characters, to authenticate clients and verify that the requests are coming from a legitimate eDiscovery Download Client. 

You can now download and install the latest v2.0.1 eDiscovery Download Client version for Windows and macOS from the Downloads page.

►Here is a glimpse

Customer action required:

  • New client registrations will now have to provide tokens as input instead of client ID and secret ID

  • Existing clients, if in a disconnected state, will now require tokens as inputs to re-register

  • It is recommended that you whitelist the following global URL for the public cloud to establish a connection between the client and server:

For more information, see 

Fixed Issues


Issue Description


SharePoint Online: Fetching list item attachments for App catalog sites results in an error because the Attachments column is not present in the list.


SharePoint Online: Fixed an issue wherein you are unable to auto-discover sites.


SharePoint Online: Fixed an issue wherein deleted sites appear in the discovered sites list.


SharePoint Online: Fixed an issue wherein the site is not discovered when the search is disabled.


SharePoint Online: Fixed an issue wherein on-premise sites appear in the discovered sites list.

February 06, 2023


inSync Client 5.9.5 for Linux (RHEL and Ubuntu)

inSync Client v5.9.5 is now available for Linux operating systems with infrastructure enhancements and minor bug fixes.

Support for Ubuntu 22.04 operating system 

inSync Client v5.9.5 now supports Ubuntu 22.04 operating system to experience seamless endpoint data protection.


Deprecation of Ubuntu 16.04 Operating System

Support for Ubuntu 16.04 operating system is discontinued. As a result, you will not be able to backup and restore data on devices running on Ubuntu 16.04 operating system.



Operating System


Revision number

  • 8.5 (64-bit)

  • 8.4 (64-bit)

  • 22.04 (64 bit)

  • 20.04 (64-bit)

  • 18.04 (64-bit)


January 05, 2023


AD/LDAP Connector v6.1.1 patch update 

AD/LDAP Connector v6.1.1 patch is now available for GovCloud. The version is  FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) compliant and has minor bug fixes.

Customer action required: Upgrade to AD/LDAP connector v6.1.1




Revision Details

AD/LDAP connector v6.1.1


Download the latest AD/LDAP connector here. 

For more details, contact Support.

Archived release notes  

For release notes of previous cloud updates, see Archived Release Notes.


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