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Upgrade eDiscovery‌ ‌Download‌ ‌Client‌


When Druva releases an update for eDiscovery Download Client, you will see an upgradeclipboard_e19526f6e54d4d431ff5c3b1f5ddac003.pngicon beside the client version for clients that can be upgraded. 

Click here to go to the eDiscovery Download Client downloads page and download the latest version of the client. 

If any download job is in progress, it would momentarily pause when the upgrade is in process. After the upgrade is successful, the download would auto-resume. 

Procedure to upgrade eDiscovery Download Client

  1. Click the  icon to access the Global Navigation Panel and click Data Governance > eDiscovery.

  2. In the left pane, click eDiscovery Download Clients.

  3. On the eDiscovery Download Clients page, click clipboard_e02d8fd2d7a3f26ca01daabe4af063459.png to download the latest version of the client. Then, install the eDiscovery Download Client. For more information, see Download and Install eDiscovery Download Client.
    You will see the Druva eDiscovery Download Client is successfully Registered message. 

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