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Change the user provisioning method


You can switch user provisioning methods between any of the supported options without losing any backed-up user data.

What happens after the switch:

  • All mappings and settings used to manage users in inSync are deleted.

  • The provisioning mode for all users provisioned with the previous method will be changed to Manual.

This process allows you to switch your user provisioning method between:

  • Google Directory

  • Azure AD

  • SCIM



  1. Go to the Users page from the Google Workspace console.

  2. Select the User Provisioning tab.

  3. On the summary section, click the three-dot menu and select the Change User Deployment Method option.

  4. Select the provisioning method and click Save. A confirmation dialog box appears.
    Change provisioning method.png

  5. Select Confirm in the dialog box.
    A dialog appears that shows the “User provisioning method updated successfully” message.

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