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Druva Documentation

Troubleshooting and FAQs


This article provides answers to your frequently asked question associated with your Druva account.

Administrators fail to receive email notifications from Druva

To receive emails from Druva, ensure that the following domains are not blocked by the IT policy in your organization.


Also, check if the emails are getting delivered in the Spam folder. Ensure you do not block or mark the afore listed domains as Spam.

What are Backup Codes and when should I use them?

Secured Login Backup Codes are a set of One Time Password (OTP) that are sent to every administrator when Secured Login is activated for your organization. The email is sent with the following subject Secured Login activation: One Time Backup Codes.

At every login attempt, a time-bound OTP is sent to the administrator's registered email address. If the administrators are experiencing issues with receiving the OTP emails from Druva at the time of login, they can use any of the Backup Codes. The Backup Codes serve as a substitute for the OTP. A Backup Code once utilized cannot be reused. 

It is recommended that you resolve the issues associated with the non-receipt of emails from Druva.

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