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This article provides answers to your frequently asked question associated with your Druva account.

I have received an email notification prompting 'Administrators with Druva Inc Domain Detected' What should I do?

You may receive this automated email notification when our security systems identify an administrator account with the Druva Inc domain registered within your organization. 

To ensure that only the intended and authorized administrators from your organization can access the Druva Cloud Platform Console, our security systems continuously check if any administrator is registered within your organization with the Druva Inc domain (example: 

What should I do in such scenarios?

As a next step, you may review the list of identified administrators and delete them yourselves. 

What happens if I do not take any action?

These administrator accounts will be automatically deleted at the end of the 12th day from the date and time of detection of such administrator accounts.

For any assistance from Druva that may require a Druva administrator account, you may create a Druva administrator by acknowledging the Liability Agreement at the time of administrator account creation. These administrator accounts shall then be automatically deleted at the end of the seventh day from the date and time of detection of such administrator accounts.

To view the account deletion schedule, see the Administrator details page.

Delete schedule.jpg

Administrators fail to receive email notifications from Druva

To receive emails from Druva, ensure that the following domains are not blocked by the IT policy in your organization.


Also, check if the emails are getting delivered in the Spam folder. Ensure you do not block or mark the aforelisted domains as Spam.

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