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Create an AWS GovCloud account on Druva CloudRanger

Creating a CloudRanger account is the first step to have you on board with us. We have a simple process to get you set up in minutes by simply connecting to your AWS GovCloud account via an IAM role. It has never been easier to manage data protection for AWS GovCloud workloads!


1. Go to and enter your signup information.

2. Click Sign up. You are now prompted to verify your email. Once the email ID is verified, you are informed that the verification was successful. The email verification screen will automatically redirect you to the login screen after 2 seconds.

3. Enter your login credentials on the login screen. Upon successful authentication, you are navigated to the welcome screen.

4. Click Get Set Up to begin the setup process. The Granting Permission screen appears with a two-step process for connecting to your AWS account. 

  • Step 1: Create AWS access role: Clicking on Quick Setup is the easiest way of connecting to your AWS account. It creates and uploads the CloudFormation template automatically for you.
    If you want to use the s3 CloudFormation URL and then download the CloudFormation template, click Show other options.

  • Step 2: Save AWS access role: Copy the ARN from the AWS console and click Save. This will automatically kick off a sync operation, which syncs your AWS account with your new CloudRanger account.

For details on creating and saving an AWS access role and subsequently connecting to your AWS account, refer to Create an AWS Access Role.

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