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Setup Script Execution via Backup Policy

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The pre- and post-backup scripts feature offers enterprises the option to generate application-consistent snapshots for common applications like SQL Server. This ensures that the point-in-time snapshots will remain crash consistent as well as application consistent.

You can choose to enable script execution when creating a new backup policy. In addition, you can manage backup generation in the event that the scripts configured are unavailable.

Note: You may configure scripts to specific resources from the main Scripts page. For more information, see Configure and Manage Backup Scripts.

To enable script execution for a pre-existing policy:

  1. On the top navigation bar, click Policies and then select the policy you wish to edit.
  2. On the Additional options tab, select the Execute pre- and post-scripts for EC2 instances checkbox.

  3. Specify the Script Execution settings, as appropriate. This applies only if the Execute pre- and post-scripts for EC2 instances checkbox is selected.
    • Define the time limit to terminate script execution.
      For example: Abort script execution in 5 minutes
    • Select the backup execution criteria if the script is unavailable.
      • Execute backup without the script: Selecting this option will execute the backup without the configured script.
      • Attempt backup execution with warning: Selecting this option will initiate the backup but fail it at the point of execution of script.
      • Fail the backup and generate an error: Selecting this option fails the backup and generates an error corresponding to the backup failure.
Note: Depending on the options specified here, the script execution status or any associated errors can be tracked via the Jobs page.
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