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About Connecting to AWS

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Once you sign up for your Druva CloudRanger account, you will need to grant CloudRanger third-party access to your AWS account. Druva CloudRanger requires an Identity Access Management (IAM) role to access and manage your AWS workloads.

IAM role

To create an IAM role, Druva CloudRanger provides a CloudFormation template that is used to create a stack. The CloudFormation stack generates the following IAM permissions for Druva CloudRanger to access your AWS Account:

  • IAM Role
  • IAM Instance Profile
  • IAM Policy

The generated Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the IAM role is then linked back to CloudRanger so that it can run backup and restore jobs on your AWS workloads. 

For more information, please see Create an AWS Access Role.

Note: Druva CloudRanger follows all security protocols and best practices recommended by AWS. All access permissions to your AWS resources and regions are controlled by AWS Identity and Access Management.


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