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Troubleshooting AMI Snapshot Copy Failure

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In some cases, an AMI snapshot copy fails with the following error message:

AMI snapshot copy failed with error: Given key ID is not accessible


This error occurs due to a possible issue with your encryption keys, when a snapshot copy is enabled for cross-account backups.

Note: When performing a cross-account backup, the KMS key encrypting the source resource (volume) must be a customer master key (CMK). Croos-account backups cannot be managed using an AWS-managed key.


To enable cross-account encryption using an AWS-managed key, perform the following

  1. Create a snapshot of the volume encrypted using the AWS managed key (VOLUME A).
  2. Subsequently, create a volume (VOLUME B) from that snapshot.
  3. Specify a CMK key to be associated with VOLUME B.
  4. Detach the previously encrypted volume (VOLUME A) from the instance and attach the newly created volume (VOLUME B).
    Initiate a manual Sync from your CloudRanger console.
  5. Edit the backup policy and specify the desired key mapping for the cross-account copy of the encrypted source volume.
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