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How to delete an Account in Native Workloads (CloudRanger)


This article describes how to delete an account in Native Workloads (CloudRanger) from the Admin console itself.

Note: You would not be able to delete the last account in an organization. You can only stop all actions performed by the last account in your organization by deactivating that account. If you hit ‘Delete’ option for the last account it will give below window:


Important Note:  Please check, verify and confirm once before deleting the account that you are deleting the correct account. Once deleted, the associated Backup Policy and settings related to the account and backups will be deleted.


1. Click on the concerned account ( If you have multiple accounts with the same name, verify from Account ID that it is the concerned account you want to delete or not.)

Note: If you click on ‘Account name’ and then click on ‘Dashboard’ option. Now, check the URL, you will find the 8 Alphanumeric Account ID in syntax ( organizations/<organization_id>/accounts/<account_id>/dashboard )

2. Click on "Account Settings" ( Gear Wheel Icon situated on left hand side of the 'sync' button just above the name of the account )


3. "Account Settings" window will open.

4. You will find the "Delete" option at the top right hand side. 


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