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S3 Archive Tier Feature Deprecation

Starting July 2023, Druva will deprecate the EBS Snapshots to Amazon S3 Archive tier from the Native Workloads Management Console. The feature support will be phased out over time to ensure minimal business impact.

What's next

We at Druva understand that storage optimization is an ongoing process of evaluating your data storage needs and choosing a cost-effective AWS storage option that meets business requirements.  In keeping with our vision for Native Workloads and our product offerings, we now hope to present alternative solutions to better cater to your long-term storage needs.

If you have never configured your S3 tier or archived snapshots, we strongly encourage you to leverage the EBS Snapshot Archive for your long-term storage needs. Alternatively, you may consider the Long Term Retention feature for snapshots on Druva Cloud.

Customer action required: If you currently use the feature and have active EBS snapshots archived to the Amazon S3 tier, do note that Druva will continue to support archived snapshots, and they will remain accessible for you to restore archived data when required. No action is required from your end if you currently have no archived snapshots initiated from your Native Workloads console.

For more information on the upcoming deprecation, contact Support.

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