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Browsable Indexed Snapshots

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File Level Search functionality allows you to search the file systems of Amazon EBS volume backups (snapshots) and if necessary, retrieve or download the files. The feature can now be used directly within the File Level Restore page.

File Level Search is an optional setting that can be enabled via your Druva CloudRanger account settings. The file indexing settings will help define the accuracy of file search in backups; a higher indexing frequency will also ensure accurate search results, while also impacting costs. Druva CloudRanger uses temporary EC2 instances to scan and index files in your snapshots. When enabled, this creates an S3 bucket per user account to store the file system metadata of the target backups. The CloudFormation scripts will then need to be updated to allow access to the S3 bucket.

File Level Search via File Level Restore

With the file-level recovery option, you can initiate a recovery instance and choose the files you want to recover This launches an instance in your environment, attaches your volume and hosts it as a web server. The files on this instance will be accessible only on your IP. Files restored on this instance will only be accessible through your IP.

To initiate a file-level recovery:

  1. Log into your Druva CloudRanger console and navigate to Resources > EBS.
  2. Navigate to the Backups tab and select the snapshot that you wish to restore.
  3. On the backup details page, click Restore. The File level recovery option is selected by default.
    Alternatively, you may select the snapshot from the Backups page, and then click Launch File Level Restore to initiate the restore process.

The restored snapshots are connected to a temporary instance and can be accessed using the link available on the Restores page.

For more information, see Restoring EBS Snapshots with File Level Recovery.

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