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Data Lock FAQs

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​​This topic lists the Data Lock-specific frequently asked questions.

►Can I manually delete immutable snapshots?
No. Once you enable Data Lock at the backup policy level, you cannot manually delete the policy, or the snapshots created by the policy.
►Can I update the policy retention once I enable Data Lock?
Once you enable Data Lock, the backup retention criteria specified cannot be modified.
►Can I disable Data Lock when editing a backup policy?
Once you enable Data Lock and save a policy, you will not be able to disable it from the console.
►Which of the Licensing plans support Data Lock?
Elite and Enterprise customers can enable Data Lock at the backup policy level.
►How do I check if a backup policy has Data Lock enabled?
The Data Lock icon Data Lock Icon.PNG against a backup policy on the listing page indicates that Data Lock is enabled on the policy and will apply to all snapshots.