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GovCloud - Deprecation of Optimized for efficiency for Outlook email backup

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Druva will deprecate the Optimized for Efficiency option to backup Outlook PST files in email backup settings on February 15, 2024. However, you can restore the data backed up through this configuration till June 30, 2025.

This article explains why Druva is deprecating the outlook backup option for PST and the actions to be taken by Endpoints administrators and End-users to continue backing up PST files.

What is Druva Deprecating?

Druva will deprecate the Optimized for Efficiency option for Outlook on February 15, 2024. As a result, Administrators and End-users who have enabled the "Outlook - 2016/13/10/07 - Optimized for Efficiency" option in the email client backup settings will not be able to back up Outlook email data. 

However, the backup for Outlook will continue with different configurations in the profile and in the inSync Client. For more information, see Customer Action.

profile settings-admin.png

Profile configuration - Administrator

inSync Client_settings.png

inSync Client app setting - End-user

Why is Druva deprecating?

The Optimised for efficiency option in the Email Client to backup settings uses Microsoft MAPI API protocol to backup .pst files. As Microsoft has deprecated this MAPI protocol API, Druva will stop supporting .pst file backup through the Optimised for efficiency option.

To whom is this applicable?

For administrators and users with the email backup settings configured to the "Outlook - 2016/13/10/07 - Optimized for Efficiency" option in profiles and in Sync Client, respectively.

What is the Impact of deprecation?

General Impact

  • With the deprecation, the Outlook PST files via MAPI protocol will not be backed up for Administrators and users who have enabled “Optimized for efficiency” in the email backup settings. 

  • After configuring "Optimized for performance", the process of importing the restored file to Outlook changes.

Note: There may be an increase in storage consumption.

Federated Search

  • Email searches will not work on PST files under the Email Search section on the backups performed after the deprecation.

Note: Email search will work till June 30, 2025.

  • PST files backed up with Optimized for Performance can be searched under the File Search section (using PST file name).

Sensitive Data Governance

  • No email violations will be captured for emails in PST files under the Email Violations section for backups after depreciation.


  • The PST files backed up using the Optimized for efficiency option can be restored till June 30, 2025, based on your retention period. After this date, these PST files can be downloaded as a single PST file.

  • PST files will be backed up using the Optimized for Performance option after February 15, 2024.
  • The violations for PST files will be available under the File Violations if they match the violations defined in the Compliance Policy.

What happens to the email violations from the Outlook Files prior to February 15, 2024?

  • Email violations generated for Emails, when configured with Optimized for Efficiency, will be present in the Email Violations section. 

    • Administrators can perform all the actions on these violations.


    • The violation will get auto-resolved after a certain period as the data won’t be present in the latest backups

  • These violations might get auto-resolved as per the set auto-resolve configuration if not actioned by the administrator.

What if I do not change the Outlook settings from “Optimized for Efficiency” to “Optimized for Performance”?

  • For Endpoint Administrator 

After February 15, 2024, Druva will automatically modify the Administrator side settings to Optimized for Performance. The activity will not be captured in Audit trails. 

  • For End Users

With v7.2.5 and earlier versions, the inSync Client settings changes must be done by the user.

Note: With the upcoming Client v7.5 release, the default configuration will be set as Optimized for Performance. Refer to customer action.

What is the action required to ensure Outlook emails are backed up?

  • For Endpoint Administrator 

Update the outlook settings in Profile to set as Optimized for performance.

  • For End Users

Set the Email client to backup settings to Optimized for performance in inSync Client.

Note: With the upcoming Client v7.5 release, the default configuration will be set as Optimized for Performance. Refer to customer action.


Follow the below steps to update the Outlook settings in Profile to ensure Outlook backup.

  • For Administrators

profile settings-Admin.png

  1. On the Endpoints console, go to the profiles.

  2.  Select the respective profile to go to the Profile summary page.

  3. Click the Edit button at the top right.

  4. Select the Endpoints section from the drop-down menu. The Edit Profile window appears.

  5. Go to the Laptop/Desktop tab to configure the folders for backup 

  6. Select the Email option from the left folder menu under the Windows operating system tab.

  7. In the Email Client to the backup field, select the Outlook - 2016/13/10/17 - Optimized for performance option from the dropdown and click Save.

  • For End User

Before updating the Outlook backup settings in the inSync Client, remove the existing Email Client backup from Backup Content if configured with Optimized for Efficiency.

Settings_end user.png

  1. On the {{Client}} app, select Backup & Restore from the left menu.

  2. Under the Backup Content section, select Add Folder.

  3. Select the Email option under the Quick Configuration and click Next.

  4. Set the email client as Outlook - 2016/13/10/17 - Optimized for performance from the dropdown and click Add

After adding the email Client, the Outlook configuration will be visible in the Backup content section.


Can I restore the data backed up by the “Optimized for Efficiency” after February 15, 2024?

You can restore the data backed up through Optimized for Efficiency till June 30, 2025, based on the retention policy.

How to configure PST files from “All Drives” when opted for “Optimized for performance” settings?

After configuring the settings to Optimized for Performance, the PST file backup option from all drives is available in the All Drives Folder from the left folder menu. Select the All Folders option and add the email files in the Include Files field.

This way, the settings work the same way as include PST files from all devices available under the Optimized for Efficiency option

All driva settings-profile.png

If I configure the Outlook settings to "Optimized for performance," will it affect my current restore behavior and storage consumption?

When you choose the Optimized for Performance option in Outlook settings, the PST file will be restored to your desired location on the local drive. You can then import this file into your Outlook account to access your emails. 

Updating the configuration to "Optimized for performance" may increase storage consumption. For detailed information, see include emails for backup on Windows. 

Do I need to make any changes in the configuration or the policies for Federated Search and Sensitive Data Governance?

  • Federated Search does not have any configuration.

  • No changes are required to the policies in Sensitive Data Governance.

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