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Use Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) for Windows device backups

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The VSS feature allows you to take volume backups while applications on a device continue to write to those volumes. VSS captures and copies stable images for backup on devices without affecting the performance and stability of services.

inSync uses either of these methods for volume backups:

  • Backup using VSS: When backup starts, inSync creates a snapshot of backup folders using VSS. It creates the backup by using this snapshot. If snapshot creation fails, inSync backup operation fails, and it does not take volume backups from the file system.
  • Backup from live data: inSync backs up data by reading files from the file system. If a locked file is detected, inSync creates a snapshot of the locked file and creates a backup of the locked file. If the snapshot creation fails, inSync does not back up these locked files.
Note: For Mac or Linux devices, inSync uses Backup from live data. 

Enable backup using VSS

By default, backup using VSS is enabled on your Windows computer.

Enable backup from live data

To enable backup from live data

  • Submit a request to Support requesting them to enable backup from live data for all your users.
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