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Mandate SD card backup on mobile devices

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As a cloud administrator, you can mandate SD card backup from Android devices. When you mandate to back up the SD card contents, you can:

  • Mandate the backup of user data that is present on SD card.
  • Add folders to the external SD card on Android device and enable the folder for backup.
  • Allow users to restore entire backed up data or specific backed up folders to SD card. 
  • Download the data that is backed up from the SD card.


  • This feature is supported on Android devices running on Android OS 3.0.x or later.
  • You can select mandatory folders for mobile backup through profiles. You cannot do this on an individual user level. 
  • When a cloud administrator initiates the restore, the content that is backed up from SD card will be restored at the inSyncData folder on the device's internal storage, and not at the SD card.

For more information about the Android folder hierarchy and which folders to select for backup, see Android folder hierarchy.


To mandate backup of SD card data on Android devices

  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Profiles.
  2. Click the link of the profile for which you want to select mandatory folders for mobile backup.
  3. On the Devices tab, click Smartphones and Tablets Edit. The Edit Device Backup Configuration window appears.


  1. Select the Enable mobile backup checkbox.
  2. Select Android to add the folders for backup. 
  3. Click +Add Folder.
    • In the Folder to be backed up field, enter the relative path of the folder to be backed up from the SD card. For example, /Download.

      Note: The folder name is case-sensitive. 

    • In the Backup folder name box, inSync automatically assigns the folder name that you specified in Folder to be backed up box. To change the folder name, type a name for the backup folder. 

      Note: If there is an existing folder with the same name, then inSync updates the folder name to New Folder and appends the number to the folder. For example, New Folder 1.

    • Select the Include data from external SD card also checkbox if you want to back up specific folders from the external SD card, which is a removable storage.
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