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Enforce backups before shut down

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As an administrator, you can enforce backup from a device when a user is shutting it down or is logging off.

inSync tries to backup the user data until the system shuts down or logs the user off. If the backup does not complete, inSync marks the backup activity as failed for the user.


  • inSync backup activity does not block system shut down or user log off activity.
  • You can manage enforce backups only through Profiles. You cannot do this on an individual user level.
  • This feature is only applicable for inSync Client running on Windows devices.


To enforce backup for user devices before log off or shutdown

  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Profiles.
  2. Click the profile for which you want to enforce backup for user devices before log off or shutdown.
  3. On the Devices tab, under Schedule & Retention, click Backup Schedule > Laptops & Desktops > Edit. The Edit Device Backup Configuration window appears.
  4. Select the Backup at logoff / shutdown check box.
  5. Click Save.