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Integrated Mass Deployment of inSync Client on User Devices

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This section explains how to bulk install inSync Client using the automated mass deployment command. The Mass Deployment Utility (Mass Deployment) offers a safe method for efficiently installing the inSync Client to a user's desktop/laptop.

Integrated mass deployment (IMD) is an end-to-end process involving the automated deployment of inSync Clients in your organization. It includes the automation of inSync Client user creation and inSync Client activation on user devices. 


IMD workflow.png

Use Case

You can perform the mass deployment or bulk installation depending on the directory service environment:

  • AD -  You can deploy inSync Client using Active Directory.

  • Non-AD - You can deploy and install the inSync Client using the Device mapping method.

  • Azure AD or AD/LDAP - You can deploy and install inSync Client using the Azure directory or AD/LDAP directory services.

Pre Requisite

Before you begin, make sure you have imported /provisioned the user base from your organization directory into inSync. To know more, see Configure inSync for user provisioning.

Get started

Here’s a quick video to get you started.