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Automatic Upgrade

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The primary feature of this method is to automatically upgrade all the active devices that are in an upgradable state, to the latest version with no manual effort involved. 

 When the Automatic Upgrade setting is enabled, the auto-upgrade cycle starts every day from 10:00 am UTC and upgrades all the devices in batches.  You can stop the auto upgrades at any point by disabling the Automatic Upgrade setting. 

You can monitor the auto-upgrade status on the Client Upgrade page. All the upgrade jobs are captured in the Admin Audit Trail. To know more, see the Audit Trails page.

Note: inSync Client on the user devices is always upgraded to the latest Generally Available (GA) version of inSync Client; regardless of whether the GA version is a major, minor, or a patch release. Example - If Druva releases a GA patch over a major version, all the inSync Clients are automatically upgraded to the GA patch.

Automatic upgrade feature will not adhere to the headless property on devices installed with the inSync Client version earlier than 5.9.5 if the devices are running with the headless inSync Client. 


  • Auto-upgrade can be performed only on devices running on Windows and Mac. and does not require a device restart.

  • To minimize performance issues, Druva may apply a global throttle limit on the inSync Cloud to control the number of devices that can be upgraded within a specified time period.

  • Auto-upgrade is supported only on devices running inSync Client 6.5.x or higher versions. 

  • For inSync Client versions lower than 5.8, you have to manually upgrade inSync Client to version 6.5.0, then auto-upgrade or manually upgrade to the latest version of inSync Client.

  • Auto-upgrade is not supported on devices running on OS X El Capitan if inSync Client version is version 5.5 or earlier.

  • Auto-upgrade is not supported for devices running on Mac OS X 10.9.

  • Auto-upgrade is not supported for devices running on Linux OS.

  • The Client Upgrade page is accessible only to Cloud Administrators. This page displays if auto-upgrade is enabled and also an option to download the auto-upgrade activity report.

  • For Windows Client below version v6.5.x, you need to upgrade to the versions between v6.5.x to 7.1 to further upgrade to v7.2.x and above. For assistance on upgrading older inSync Client to v6.5, contact Support.

  • If auto-upgrade is enabled, the upgrade process for all the compatible inSync Client will start only after 21 days from the date the latest inSync Client version is released.

  • If auto-upgrade is enabled, all the previous manual or bulk upgrade processes will get canceled as soon as the auto-upgrade process is triggered (i.e. at 10:00 am UTC).

  • If the Automatic Upgrade flag is disabled, all ongoing upgrade jobs that are in process will be canceled.

  • If the inSync client fails to upgrade, then it will auto-roll back to the previous Client version without affecting or losing the user’s login information. The rollback also ensures that no user data is lost and backup operations are not disrupted.

  • The status of the initiated Client upgrade is reflected in the upgrade activity report. For more information see Upgrade Activity Report.

Enable Automatic Upgrade 

To enable Automatic upgrade:

  1. On the Endpoints console, select Client Upgrade.

  2. Select the edit option in the Upgrade Settings section. The edit Upgrade settings window appears.

  3. Select Enable from dropdown in the Automatic Upgrade section and click Save.

After Automatic Upgrade is enabled, the upgrade cycle starts at 10:00 am UTC daily. 


Set Device Upgrade Limit

To update the daily device upgrade limit:

  1. On the Endpoints console, select Client Upgrade.

  2. Select the edit option in the Upgrade Settings section. The edit Upgrade settings window appears.

  3. Enter the value in the Client Download Limit section and click Save.

Enter 0  to set the daily upgrade limit to unlimited.

auto-upgrade_set limit.png

Download Device list

To download the status of Device upgrade: 

  1. On the Endpoints console, select Client Upgrade.

  2. Click the  Download List option on the right to view and download details of the devices, as mentioned in the following table. Select one of the options from the drop-down list. The report is generated in the CSV format.

Field Description
Devices with up-to-date client List of devices running on the latest inSync Client version
Devices with non-upgradable client List of devices that cannot be upgraded because the inSync Client is running on a version on which upgrade is not supported
  1. In the Upgrade Activity section, select the upgrade activity and click Download Report to view the auto-upgrade activity details. The report is downloaded in the CSV format.

Cancel Automatic Upgrade 

To cancel an automatic upgrade in progress, disable the Automatic Upgrade from the  Upgrade Settings.  When the Automatic Upgrade flag is disabled, all ongoing auto-upgrade processes will be canceled immediately.


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