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Integrated mass deployment without device mapping


In the scenarios when the user devices are non-AD/LDAP bound and you want to mass deploy inSync Client on the user devices, you can use the method of deploying inSync Client without device mapping. Deployment of inSync Client without device mapping involves creating the users' email addresses using their logged-in username on the device and the domains you can define as desired.

This article provides information about how you can securely mass deploy inSync Client on user devices when the user has not logged in to the on-premise Active Directory and monitor the devices on which inSync Client is activated.

  • Ensure that the users do not have permission to modify their username on their devices if you select this method to mass deploy inSync Client on user devices.
  • As this method uses the 'username' as the unique identifier to deploy inSync Client, devices with the same username can lead to user's data getting accessed by another user having the same user name on another device.

IMD workflow in a non-AD/LDAP environment without device mapping 

To deploy inSync Client in a non-AD/LDAP environment without device mapping:

  1. Generate New Mass Deployment token.
  2. Configure inSync mass deployment settings.
  3. Generate command
  4. Run the IMD command using the mass deployment token.
  5. Verify device mapping on inSync Management Console.
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