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Mark old device for replace

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As an inSync administrator, you must mark the user's old device for replacement using the inSync Management Console. The user may have multiple devices configured, hence you need to mark only the one that needs to be replaced. 

Follow the steps given below to mark the old device for a replacement for both AD and non-AD users.


  1. On the inSync Management Console, click Devices.
  2. Click the device which needs to be marked for replacement.
  3. Click More > Replace Device. A confirmation window is displayed. 
  4. Click Yes to confirm device replacement. The updated status will be displayed as Marked for Replacement under Device Details. If a device is added instead of replacing the old device, then the updated status will be displayed as Marked for Replacement with. For more information on the device replace status, see Device Details page.

When the device is marked for replacement, the Replace Device button will change to Cancel Device Replace.

  1.  To cancel the Replace Device for the selected device click More > Cancel Device Replace. On the confirmation window, click Yes to cancel the device replace.