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Device Replace Parameter details

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The following table describes the additional IMD parameters used during Device Replace for AD users and non-Ad users.

Parameter Type Name Use Value
inSync user email id FOR_ USER Mandatory The inSync email id of the user.
Old device name FOR_DEVICE Mandatory Name of the user's old inSync device. 
Local user name  FOR_LOCAL_USER


( Applicable to non-AD users only.)

Name of the local user for whom the device replace is intended.
Add new device ADD_NEW_DEVICE Optional

If the value is set as 'Yes':

  • A new device will be added instead of replacing the old device specified in FOR_DEVICE.
  • If the Restore Delta Data feature is enabled for your account, the most recent backed up data from the old device is restored onto the new device.

The default value is 'No'.

For more information on IMD installation parameter details, see  Parameter Details.