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Remove license

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Removing a license

 Removing license will delete data source and its backed up data of the selected workload(s) and free up the license (active or preserved) and this action cannot be reversed.



  • As a Cloud Administrator, you can remove the license for all configured workloads and profiles.

  • As a non-cloud administrator, you can remove the license for only those workloads and profiles which are assigned to you and you have the Workload Management->Manage Workload rights. 

  • You cannot remove the license of the user if the user belongs to a profile enabled with Data Lock.

To remove a license:

  1. From the Endpoints or SaaS Apps, top navigation menu bar, click Users.

  2. Select the checkbox beside the active or preserved user, whose license you want to remove. To remove licenses of multiple users, select the required checkboxes next to the users whose licenses you want to remove.


  1. Click the ellipsis button image1.jpg and click Remove License. You can also remove the license from the User Details UI.

  2. Remove License window appears. Select the workload(s) for which you want to remove the license and click Remove License.


  1. A License Change Summary window appears that provides information about the workload license that will be freed up after removing the license. Click Done to close the window. 

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