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Delete Users

License editions: To understand the applicable license editions, see Plans & Pricing.


You can permanently delete a user if you do not want to protect their data.


  • If the user that is being deleted has shared data with guest users, this data is also deleted.
  • Once the user data is deleted, it cannot be recovered.
  • When you delete a user:
    • all the data of the user is deleted.
    • all devices of the user will get deleted and all the active and preserved licenses that the user was consuming will be freed up.


To delete users

  1. On the Endpoints page, click Users.
  2. Select the check box for the users that you want to delete.
  3. Click Options_icon.jpg located at the top left of the page, and then select Delete. You can also delete a user from the User Details UI.
  1. On the Confirmation window, specify the reason for deletion (the reason is mandatory with a character limit between 10-150) and click Delete. 

    Note: This capability will help prevent accidental deletions. The reason for deletion will be captured in the Admin Audit Trail for auditing purpose.

If the deleted user had added guest users in inSync for collaboration purpose, these guest users are not deleted automatically. You must manually delete the guest users. For more information, see Manage guest users.

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