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Share Device Data

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You may come across a scenario when a user leaves the organization, and the team is dependent on the departed user’s data. To overcome such dependency, you can now share the Device data with other active users using the Share Device Data option.

By sharing the device data, active users can access the preserved users' data from their inSync Web console. A new section - Shared Data Sources is visible with the list of shared devices and active users can restore the data and further refer to it to ensure business continuity. 

You can monitor the shared device data-related activities through the Shared Data Sources report available on the Cloud platform console.
The device data sharing-related activities performed by the administrator are captured in Admin Audit Trail.

What is the validity of the shared device data?

The duration of data availability would be until any one of the following events occurs:

  • The preserved user becomes active: If the preserved user is made active again, the access to their data will be revoked.
  • The preserve user license is removed: If the license for the preserved user is revoked, the data will no longer be available.
  • The preserved user is deleted: If the preserved user account is deleted or removed, the data associated with that user will no longer be available.
  • The snapshot gets deleted as per retention: If the snapshot containing the preserved user's data reaches its expiration date, the data will be deleted.
  • The admin revokes the access manually: If the administrator manually revokes the access to the preserved user's data for other active users, the data will no longer be available to them.

Device Data Sharing Scenarios

User Status Result
User status is active Device data cannot be shared.
User status is preserved Device data can be shared with active users.

User status is preserved and privacy policy is enabled.

Note: To know more, see Configure the user data privacy policy

Device data cannot be shared.
User status changed from preserved to active. Device data share access provided with other active users is revoked automatically.

Share device data


  1. Go to the Device page from the Endpoints console.

  2. Select the desired preserved user’s device and click the Shared Device Data option from the menu. A new window appears.

  3. Enter the active user name in the search field with whom you want to share data and select Add. The users are added successfully.


  • For Administrator: You can view the users with device access on the Preserved user’s device page under the "Device Data shared with" field.


  • For End users: Active users with data access to preserved users’ devices can see the list of shared devices under the Shared Data Sources section through inSync Web.

    user_page_shared data.jpg

Revoke access to Shared Device Data 

You can revoke the data-sharing access using any of the following ways:


To revoke data sharing from Preserved users’ device page:

  1. Go to the Device Data share option on the respective device page. A new window appears.

  2. In the Device Data Shared with section, hover over the user to whom you want to revoke access and select  revoke_sign.png.


  1. Select Revoke in the confirmation message. The device data access to the user is removed.

Active Users' User Details page


To revoke access from the User details page:

  1. Go to the respective user’s page.

  2. Under the Shared Data Sources, select the Revoke Access button for the desired devices. A confirmation window appears.

  3. Select Revoke and confirm the action. The user access for the device is revoked successfully.


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