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Prohibit users from uninstalling inSync Client on Windows devices

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An administrator can prevent users to uninstall or remove the inSync Client from their Windows devices while installing it on the user devices. This feature utilizes the Windows OS property ARPNOREMOVE. To add this restriction, perform the steps provided in the following section.

As a result, the inSync Client will neither be discoverable through Windows Search nor be listed in Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.

This feature is available with inSync Client 6.2.0 and above.

Prohibit inSync Client uninstallation on individual devices


Run the following command using an automated installation tool.

msiexec /qn /i "<path to inSync msi>" HIDE_ARP="1" HIDE_UNINSTALL="1"

Prohibit inSync Client uninstallation on multiple devices

To install the inSync Client using the integrated mass deployment, refer the instructions in Install inSync on Windows devices

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