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Use the Druva mobile app on your iOS device


Using the Druva Mobile App, you can access your backup and share data from your mobile device anytime, anywhere. The Druva Mobile App provides complete security, control, and visibility of your data.

However, the following capabilities are not supported by MaaS360:

  • MaaS360 administrator cannot retire a user.
  • MaaS360 administrator can uninstall the app but cannot disable access to the app and wipe content from the iOS device.

The following table lists the advantages of using the Druva Mobile App.

Advantage of using the Druva Mobile App How does it help
Seamless data access
  • Allows you to access content that inSync backs up from any of your devices.
  • Allows you to access data synced across all your devices.
  • Allows you to access data that other users have shared with you.
  • Allows you to mark files as favorites and access them when offline.
Secure data backup and restore
  • Allows you to back up corporate data.
  • Allows you to access and restore older versions of your backed up content.
  • Allows you to self-restore device data.
Easy file sharing
  • Allows you to securely share files with other users.
  • Allows you to stay informed about all activities, with real-time notifications.
Note: You must have a inSync account to use the Druva Mobile App. If you do not have an inSync account, contact your administrator.

Druva Mobile App features and their availability

If your  administrator enabled certain features for you, when you log on to the Druva Mobile App for the first time, you must perform additional configuration steps before using the Druva Mobile App.

The following table lists these features and the additional steps that you must perform on your mobile devices after you log on to the Druva Mobile App.

If your administrator enabled this feature for you On iOS
PIN or Passcode When you log on to the Druva Mobile App, the Set Passcode window appears. Perform the following steps:
  1. Type the new passcode.
  2. Type the new passcode again.
Backup Services

When you log on to the Druva Mobile App, the Enable Backup window appears. Perform the following step:

  • Tap ENABLE.

View the documentation for Druva Mobile App for iOS devices 

See the Druva Mobile App for iOS documentation.

Restricted access by using the inSync MDM app only

If mandated by the administrators, you can log on by using the inSync for MaaS360 app only. 

Before you begin

This feature requires the following items:

  • inSync MDM app is installed on your mobile device
  • MaaS360 client is installed on your mobile device
  • Administrator has allowed users to log on only through the inSync MDM app.

Workflow of restricted access 

  1. Launch the inSync MDM app on your mobile device. The app checks whether MaaS360 client is installed on your mobile device. 
  2. If the MaaS360 client is installed on your mobile device, then the inSync MDM app will communicate with the MaaS360 app through VSP and retrieve the policies. inSync MDM app then authenticates the mobile device and you are logged on Druva Mobile App.

    Note: If the MaaS360 client is not installed on your mobile device and you enter your login credentials manually, the inSync MDM app does not allow you to log on. In this case, the login fails and the following error message is displayed: 

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