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This topic provides information about the prerequisites for installing and configuring Druva Mobile App through MaaS360 MDM application.

Prerequisites for administrators

Before installing and configuring the Druva Mobile App through MaaS360, administrators must ensure the following:

  • You have a MaaS360 administrator account.
  • You have created the inSync user accounts for the Druva Mobile App users.
    For information on how you can add users to inSync On-Premises account, see Add and manage users.
    For information on how you can add users to inSync Cloud account, see Add and manage users.
  • You have allowed users to access inSync data by using the Druva Mobile App.
  • To configure the Druva Mobile App and install the policies on the application, you must have a mass deployment token. The mass deployment token allows you to distribute and silently activate the Druva Mobile App on multiple Android devices.
    For information on generating a mass deployment token on inSync On-Premises account, see Generate a mass deployment token.
    For information on generating a mass deployment token on inSync Cloud account, see Generate a mass deployment token.

Prerequisites for users 

Before using the Druva Mobile App, inSync users must ensure that they have the MasS360 MDM for Android app on their Android devices. This app enables users to authenticate and enroll the devices in MasS360.