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Enroll device for the user

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After you create an AirWatch user and add the Android device to the user, you must enroll the Android device to communicate with AirWatch Server.  

Before you begin

Ensure that you have the AirWatch user activation email handy while enrolling the Android device. The email contains login credentials, and the QR code that is required to enroll the Android device with the AirWatch Server.

For more information, see Create AirWatch user and add Android device.


To enroll the Android device, 

  1. Access the Google Play Store from the Android device.
  2. Search for the Airwatch Agent app and then install the app.  
  3. Launch the Airwatch Agent app on the Android device. 
  4. Select the authentication mode for enrolling the Android device.


  5. Do one of the following:
    • If you select Email Address as the authentication mode, then enter your email address. 
    • If you select QR Code as the authentication mode, then scan the QR Code that you received in the AirWatch user authentication email. 
    • If you select Server Details as the authentication mode, enter the server name and Group ID that you received in the AirWatch user authentication email. 
  6. Enter your username and password and tap Continue.
  7. Accept the terms and conditions.
  8. On the Set up work profile page, tap Next. A pop-up appears that lists the access that the Administrator will have when you allow the app to access the profile.
  9. Click OK. Google starts setting up your work profile. Then, you will be asked to log in using your Android for work credentials. 
  10. Enter your Android for work credentials and click Next.
    Note: This login screen will not appear if you have already logged into your Android for work account.
  11. After you log in successfully, a Congratulations! You have successfully enrolled your device message is displayed. Now your device is configured with Airwatch.

After your device is enrolled and configured with Airwatch, you might receive a Account Action Required notification which when tapped, prompts you to install the Google Apps for Device Policy app.

If you are already using other Android for work apps then you might already have the Google Apps for Device Policy app, then you might not receive this notification. If you receive the notification, then follow these steps to install the Google Apps for Device Policy app:

  1. Tap the notification. 
  2. Tap Install. (You might be promoted to tap Install again on the next page if required before the Google Apps Device Policy page opens). Details of the device policy is again displayed.  
  3. Tap Next. A list of permissions is displayed. 
  4. Tap Activate this device administrator. A list of domain policy settings is displayed. 
  5. Tap Enforce. A "Your device is pending approval by your domain administrators. You will receive a notification once it is approved." message is displayed that informs you that your device is pending approval. After your device is approved by the administrators, the device gets enrolled to AirWatch Server.