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Create MaaS360 user and add Android device


The next step is to create the users in MaaS360 Server and add their Android devices. Once you create the MaaS360 users, the users receive the MaaS360 user activation details which are required for enrolling the Android device.

NoteDruva Mobile App installed through MaaS360 and enrolled using Android Enterprise does not support backup and restore functionalities.

Before you begin

Before you create users in MaaS360, ensure the following:

  • You have a MaaS360 administrator account.
  • The users, that you want to add to MaaS360 Server, are added as the inSync end user. Additionally, you must use the same email ID of inSync end users for creating their Maas360 end user accounts.
    If you have an inSync On-Premises account, for more information on how you can add users, see Add and manage users.
    If you have a inSync Cloud account, for more information on how you can add users, see Add and manage users.


To create MaaS360 end users

  1. Log on to the MaaS360 Portal by entering in the web browser.
  2.  From the MaaS360 toolbar, click Users. The User Directory page appears. 
  3. Click Add User. The Add User dialog box appears. 
    add new user.png
  4. Under the Basic tab, provide the following details: 
    Field Description
    Full Name Enter the full name of the Maas360 user.
    Username Enter the username for the Druva Mobile App.
    Domain Specify the domain of the user.

    Enter the email ID of the user. Use the same email ID that was used to create the inSync end user account.

    User Group

    You cannot define user groups when you add a single user.

    Phone Number  Select the country and then enter the phone number of the user.
    Location Enter the location of the user's office.
    Add New Device Select this check box if you want to allow the user to add new devices.
    Android for Work Select this check box as we are using Android for Work.
    Notify User

    Select whether you want the users to receive notification through email or SMS.

    Copy Email Select Me if you want to receive the notifications along with the user. You can also enter another user's email ID who should receive the notifications.
  5. Click Save. The User created successfully. message appears. 
  6. Click OK.

The MaaS360 user is created with the associated Android device in MaaS360 Server.

The user receives an auto-generated email that contains the MaaS360 user details and QR code for enrolling the device. See the following example of the email that the user receives.

email received by user after mass 360 account creation.png