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Enroll device for the user

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After you create a MaaS360 user  and add the iOS device to the user, you must enroll the iOS device to communicate with MaaS360 Server. 

Before you begin

Ensure that you have the MaaS360 user activation email handy while enrolling the iOS device. The email contains login credentials, and the QR code that is required to enroll the iOS device with the MaaS360 Server.

For more information, see Create MaaS360 user and add iOS device.


To enroll the iOS device, 

  1. From the iOS device, access the device enrollment email that you receive.

    email received by user after mass 360 account creation.png

  2. Launch the device enrollment URL.
  3. From the MaaS360 Mobile Device Management window, click Continue.


  4. From the Step 1: Authenticate window, enter the password and click Continue.


  5. From the Step 2: Accept Terms window, select the I have read and accept the terms. check box and click Continue.


  6. On the Step 3: Download & Install Profile window, press Continue.


  7. From the Install Profile dialog box, press Install.


  8. In the Install Profile message, press Install.


  9. In the Remote Management message, press Trust.


  10. In the App Installation message, press Install


    The iOS device gets enrolled to MaaS360 Server, and the MDM certificate is automatically installed on the iOS device. 


  11. On being prompted at the Managed by ACE window, enter your Druva Mobile App user credentials and press Login.


The iOS device is enrolled in MaaS360 and you are connected to the Druva Mobile App for iOS devices.