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OS migration using Persona Backup

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Administrators or users can spend a significant amount of time and effort while migrating from one operating system to another. To ensure a seamless upgrade with correct system settings, you can use the inSync Persona Backup feature.

To upgrade operating systems using Persona Backup, follow the steps listed below.

If you want to exclude specific system and app settings from the restore during OS migration, contact Support. 

Step Description
Step 1

Identify the profiles for a group of users selected for OS migration. Modify these profiles to enable System, App Settings.

If you want to restore an email client for Windows, Druva recommends that you select Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 – Optimized for performance.

Step 2 Ensure that all the identified users trigger a backup from their devices after you enable System, App Settings. If backup from any device fails, contact Support.
Step 3 Install the new OS on user devices.
Step 4

Ask users to activate the inSync Client on their new or upgraded device.

Ensure the following,

  • Users did not install the inSync Client earlier on their device.
  • Users click Restore system settings when they activate the inSync Client.
  • Users restart their devices after they activate the inSync Client.

For detailed instructions, see Persona Backup and OS migration.

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