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Release Notes

April 20, 2023

This release has minor bug fixes.

April 06, 2023

Fixed Issues


Issue Description


The issue related to quota consumption alerts has been resolved and the following quota alerts are now generated.
  • Credit - Utilization Warning
  • Credit - Utilization Critical

March 23, 2023

Streamline your sign-in process with SSO

Druva has introduced Single Sign-on (SSO) capability for accessing Managed Services Center. With SSO, administrators can access the Managed Services Center seamlessly without needing a separate login, providing better security and an enhanced customer experience.

You can integrate SSO for Managed Services Center with leading Identity Providers (IdPs) such as Azure AD and Okta to set up SSO.
Druva supports all IdPs which support SAML 2.0 and has certified the following IdPs -

  • Azure
  • Okta

To start configuring SSO, Sign in to Managed Services Center > Settings > Access Settings > Single Sign-on. For more information, see Set up Single Sign-on with Managed Services Center.

Here is a glimpse -

Configure SSO.png

March 09, 2023

This release has minor bug fixes.

February 10, 2023

Known Issues


Issue Description

When editing a tenant on the customer page in the Managed Services Center, MSPs cannot remove the storage quota allocated to the tenant or set the quota value to zero.

Workaround: Provide a quota value greater than zero.


The Customer list on the Microsoft 365 jobs page in Managed services Center is experiencing loading issues when the number of customers exceeds a certain threshold.

Fixed Issues


Issue Description
PHN-88488 Fixed an issue wherein the job alerts on the Customer Health page were unavailable as Managed Services Center could not retrieve job alerts for Hybrid Workloads.

January 28, 2023

This release has minor bug fixes.

January 12, 2023

New Feature

The following new features are now available:

Google Workspace data protection

Expanding the footprint in SaaS Apps data protection, in addition to Microsoft 365, MSPs can now offer their customers Google Workspace data protection.

Google Workspace natively provides some backup capabilities but lacks comprehensive coverage putting business-critical data at risk for loss, corruption, and ransomware.

Druva provides a comprehensive and scalable solution that customers can utilize to fill critical data protection and recovery gaps. Additionally, you can use Sensitive Data Governance & Compliance along with the Legal Hold capabilities that allow administrators to identify compliance breaches related to end-user data in their organization.

Customer Action Required: MSPs who want to provide Google Workspace data protection service to their customers must contact their account representative.

Here is a glimpse:

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can add Google Workspace to a customer account through the Managed Services Center (MSC) service plan page. For more information, see How to create a new service plan.

Google Workspace service plan.png

Migrate Google Workspace customers for centralized management

Only MSC supported products and features should be present in the tenant being migrated.

You can now migrate your Google Workspace customers managed externally as discrete tenants to the Managed Services Center (MSC). After the migration, you can use the MSC to manage all customers centrally and track the usage of quota and consumption units.

You can conduct the migration process through the new MSC Migration console, and you will receive email notifications at each stage with any necessary actions to take.

Customer Action Required: Contact your account representative to plan and initiate the migration of your customers.

For more information, see Migrate Google Workspace customers to MSC.


The following enhancements are now available:

Enhanced Compliance Reporting for Google Workspace

Several reports, including Compliance, Global Usage, Tenant Consumption, and Tenant Quota, are now available for Google Workspace.

You can also opt to receive compliance alerts for Google Workspace over email. For more information, see Reporting and Consumption.

Enhanced APIs to support Google Workspace

With the addition of Google Workspace data protection, we have also enhanced the following APIs to support automation and get information about Google Workspace data under protection.

  • Customer management APIs
  • Reporting APIs

For more information, see Developer Portal.

Restriction on using public email domains during MSP Admin creation

To avoid security breaches, we have restricted the following public email domains while creating MSP Administrators:

  • @gmail
  • @hotmail
  • @rediff
  • @yahoo

Customer Action required: Use corporate emails only to create MSP admins.

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