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Release Notes

January 28, 2023

Known Issues


Issue Description
PHN-88488 Job alerts on the Customer Health page are unavailable as Managed Services Center cannot retrieve job alerts for Hybrid Workloads.

January 12, 2023

New Feature

The following new features are now available:

Google Workspace data protection

Expanding the footprint in SaaS Apps data protection, in addition to Microsoft 365, MSPs can now offer their customers Google Workspace data protection.

Google Workspace natively provides some backup capabilities but lacks comprehensive coverage putting business-critical data at risk for loss, corruption, and ransomware.

Druva provides a comprehensive and scalable solution that customers can utilize to fill critical data protection and recovery gaps. Additionally, you can use Sensitive Data Governance & Compliance along with the Legal Hold capabilities that allow administrators to identify compliance breaches related to end-user data in their organization.

Customer Action Required: MSPs who want to provide Google Workspace data protection service to their customers must contact their account representative.

Here is a glimpse:

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can add Google Workspace to a customer account through the Managed Services Center (MSC) service plan page. For more information, see How to create a new service plan.

Google Workspace service plan.png

Migrate Google Workspace customers for centralized management

Only MSC supported products and features should be present in the tenant being migrated.

You can now migrate your Google Workspace customers managed externally as discrete tenants to the Managed Services Center (MSC). After the migration, you can use the MSC to manage all customers centrally and track the usage of quota and consumption units.

You can conduct the migration process through the new MSC Migration console, and you will receive email notifications at each stage with any necessary actions to take.

Customer Action Required: Contact your account representative to plan and initiate the migration of your customers.

For more information, see Migrate Google Workspace customers to MSC.


The following enhancements are now available:

Enhanced Compliance Reporting for Google Workspace

Several reports, including Compliance, Global Usage, Tenant Consumption, and Tenant Quota, are now available for Google Workspace.

You can also opt to receive compliance alerts for Google Workspace over email. For more information, see Reporting and Consumption.

Enhanced APIs to support Google Workspace

With the addition of Google Workspace data protection, we have also enhanced the following APIs to support automation and get information about Google Workspace data under protection.

  • Customer management APIs
  • Reporting APIs

For more information, see Developer Portal.

Restriction on using public email domains during MSP Admin creation

To avoid security breaches, we have restricted the following public email domains while creating MSP Administrators:

  • @gmail
  • @hotmail
  • @rediff
  • @yahoo

Customer Action required: Use corporate emails only to create MSP admins.

December 29, 2022

This release has minor bug fixes.

December 19, 2022


Enhanced Hybrid Workloads alerts

With the improved alert experience, MSP Administrators will receive alerts only if they specifically subscribe to them. This improvement applies to all new administrators and Hybrid Workloads tenants.

By default, Hybrid Workloads alerts will be disabled for all new administrators and provisioned tenants. Administrators can subscribe to intended alerts by accessing individual tenants.

For more information, see Hybrid Workloads Alert subscriptions for administrators.

Note: Existing Administrators will continue to receive alerts for existing tenants unless they modify their alert subscriptions by accessing the tenant settings.

Customer action required: None

Fixed Issues


Issue Description
MSP-5475 Fixed the compliance issue to generate new non-compliance alerts and reflect updated data for compliance reports.

December 01, 2022

New Feature

The following features are now available -

Endpoint Data Protection

Good things come in threes! In addition to Hybrid Workloads and Microsoft 365, now you can also offer Endpoints data protection to your customers.

  • Endpoints data protection is available only with Elite and Enterprise Editions.
  • Endpoint data protection is not available by default. If you wish to subscribe and offer Endpoint data protection to your customers, contact your Druva account representative.


While majority of user data still resides on their devices, with remote work and BYOD, it is crucial for organizations to protect their users’ data. Administrators can ensure that in the incidences like data corruption or theft, the information is easily retrievable with minimal loss on production. Additionally, with rising security incidents and cybersecurity threats, it is no debate that the data on user devices needs to be protected.

Druva recognizes this need, and to further strengthen the portfolio, we are making Endpoints data protection available for MSPs. MSPs can offer it to their customers and enable them secure data on their user devices. Additionally, Endpoint data protection comes with Sensitive Data Governance & Legal Hold capabilities that enables administrators to identify compliance breaches associated with end-user data in their organization. For more information, see Protecting Endpoints with Druva.

Here is a glimpse -

Endpoints data protection can be added similarly as any other product to a customer account via the Service Plans page.


Migrate discrete Endpoint customers for centralized management

You can now migrate your Endpoint customers managed externally as discrete tenants to the MSC console. After migration, you can leverage the MSC console to manage all the customers centrally, and monitor the utilization of quota and consumption units. 

Migration process is driven using the new MSC Migration console. During each stage of the migration, you are notified by email with the required action.

Action required: Contact Druva Support to plan and initiate the migration of your customers.

For more information, see Migrate Microsoft 365 customers to the MSC Console.

MSP Version 2 APIs

With the addition of Endpoint data protection, Druva has enhanced its APIs to enable the automation of tasks related to Endpoints in addition to Hybrid Workloads & Microsoft 365.

The following APIs are available for MSP administrators to view information, manage or automate their tasks in the MSC Portal -

  • Admins
  • Service Plans
  • Customers
  • Tenants
  • Tasks
  • Reports

For more information, see Developer Portal.

Known Issues


Issue Description

Compliance monitoring features are not available due to which -

  • New non-compliance alerts are not generated.
  • Compliance report does not show updated data.


November 18, 2022


New Microsoft 365 Jobs page

Now, getting to know the status about the Jobs - backup and restore activities triggered for Microsoft 365 apps in your customer environments is a breeze!

The information on the Jobs page can be helpful to see the status about the jobs and take any remediate action, if required.


MSP Administrators can view the following information for -

  • Last Backups - View customer-wise record of all the last backup activities occurred for all the configured Microsoft 365 apps.
  • Restores - View customer-wise record of restores performed over the past 60 days period for all Microsoft 365 apps.
  • Live Activities - Track the live activities in progress for triggered backup and restore jobs. You can also pause and resume the activities.

Here is a sneak peek!


To know more, see Monitor Jobs.


MSP Version 1 APIs

Druva has deprecated the Version 1 (V1) of MSP APIs.

If you are still consuming V1 APIs and have existing integrations, raise a case with Druva Support.

October 15, 2022

Continuing our efforts to improve administrator experience, Druva has upgraded the Managed Services Center (MSC) Portal with refreshing UI & Workflow updates.


Efficiently Manage Customers

Create a New Customer without associating a product or tenant

Now, create a customer for record and save it. Associate a product or tenant later when you finalize the service plan and want to start actual data protection.

Additionally, when you hide the Customer Name from Druva you must now provide an alternate name in the Account Name field that will help Druva identify customer internally.


Delete a Customer instantly

If you have a customer which does not have any product or tenant associated, you can delete it immediately.

Better way to view & manage Customer Information

Refreshed Customer Details page to view & manage Customer information

Add and manage products all from a single page!


All new way to access the Customer Tenant Console

Reducing a step further, access the Tenant Console by just clicking the Access_Tenant_icon.png  icon beside the Customer Name.

Earlier Now
Old_tenant.png New_Access_Console.png

Customize Table columns for an Intuitive User Experience

You can customize the table layout and choose to display the required information.


Option to export information

New Export to CSV option on Customer & Service Plans details page, that enables you to download details of specific or all customers & service plans. 

You can then ingest this information for further processing.


For more information, see Managed Services Center documentation.

Archived release notes

For earlier release notes, see Archived Release Notes.

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