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Release Notes - Cloud Platform



Our Cloud services are being updated in stages. If you do not see the updates mentioned here yet, they will be available in your region soon. To know more, see Druva Cloud Upgrade Process.

March 16, 2023


Enhanced Last Login Details in the user profile 
You can now view the last login date, time, device name, and IP address from which the login occurred.
This information gives visibility about the last login details.

Last Login Details.png

View eDiscovery card

You can view the total count of legal holds and custodians from eDiscovery card.  
 For more information, see Security and compliance summary.

eDiscovery Card.png

February 09, 2023

This release had minor bug fixes.

January 28, 2023

New Feature

Refreshed Druva Cloud Platform Dashboard

Based on your feedback, the Druva Cloud Platform Dashboard is refreshed to provide a consolidated and workload-centric view of the Druva Cloud Platform.  You now get a holistic status of the health of your data protection ecosystem.  The view of the dashboard is tailored as per your role and licensed services. 

For more information, see Introduction to Druva Cloud Platform Dashboard.

►Here is a quick video

Following are some of the key enhancements: 

Enhancement Description

Updated Global Left Navigation 

Access all your licensed workloads and services. 

From the All Services section, get a complete view of all the services Druva offers.

Access all the platform administration tasks.

Note: The Services card from the old dashboard is merged into the global left navigation.

Data Protection Summary 

You can view all the resources protected for a workload and the last backup status. 

You can navigate to the specific workload interfaces with filters applied.

You can also monitor the license or credit consumption. 

Security and Compliance Summary 

Get a consolidated view of Security and Compliance activities with the following cards:

  • Sensitive Data Governance: Count of active violations and non-complaints users. 
  • Ransomware Recovery: Count of curated snapshots and quarantined resources.

With this information, get an insight into how resilient your data protection ecosystem is. 

Critical Alerts 

At a glance, know the critical alerts that need your attention.

Backup Data Trend 

You can analyze backup data growth trends for the last 90 days.

Login details in the user profile

View the login date and time and the IP address from which the login occurred. This information can help detect and prevent unauthorized access. 

Note: For this release the dashboard will not show data for Salesforce and Native Workloads. 

​Archived release notes 

For release notes of previous cloud updates, see Archived Release Notes.

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