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Data access events report

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What information does this report provide

The Data Access Events report provides a consolidated view of the statistics of the data access events such as API restore, admin restore and download, and user admin and download actions within a specified period.

How does the report help

With this report, you can proactively get insights into the number of different types of data access events attempted along with their statuses, IP addresses, locations, and resource and user details. With this information available well in time, you can ensure that there is no suspicious access to your backed up data.

To access the report

You need to be a Druva Cloud Administrator. 

Go to Druva Cloud Platform Console Global Navigation > Reports > Cyber Resilience > Data Access Events Report.

Using the report

The data in the reports is synced periodically. The report shows the Data last updated details.

The Data Access Events report comprises the following section: 

Filters to get a report with more granular data

Filters Description
Data Access Type Select the Data Access Type for which you want to view details
Job Status Select the status criteria based on which you want to view the data access type details

Summary view

Field  Description
Total Data Access Events Total number of data access events attempted in the specified period.
Top 5 Users For Data Access Graphical view of the top 5 users with the maximum number of data access events attempted within the specified period.
Data Access Type Distribution  

Data Access Event details

Field Description
Data Access Type  
User Name  
Resource Name  
IP Address  
Activity Start Time (Admin Time Zone)  
Activity End Time (Admin Time Zone)  
Job ID  
File Size  
Job Status  


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